Best Anti-virus Software

If you're tied of getting viruses on your computer, then look here to see which suite fits you best.

The Top Ten

1 Kaspersky

Pros: Highest detection rate; low false-positives

Cons: Slows down computer -

Have a best & full support & tools & user fiend

Nothing comes close to this beautiful detection rate.

its goo

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2 Avast!

Perfect, but really underrated

D best antivirus ever... simpler 2 handle.. and unbelievably effective and fast too!

but the best thing about it that you can create your own scan! besides its easy 2 update avast!
mah all time favorite - satyamcool

Avast is the best go on and install it, it will give you the best experience and protection.

Pros: have really nice scanning system, verifing everything you do.

Cons: slows down you computer, but if you have an extra RAM its no a problem.

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3 Norton

Pros: High detection rate; low false-positives

Cons: Real-time protection is a little "iffy". -

norton is the best! I have used eset 32 and kaspersky but none of them make me feel good as norton's security

I've used avast, mcafee and many other. But Norton is awesome.

Norton Is The Best Antivirus I Have Ever Seen!

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4 MalwareBytes MalwareBytes Malwarebytes Inc. is an American Internet security company with offices in Santa Clara, California, Clearwater, Florida, Tallinn, Estonia and Cork, Ireland.

Malwarebytes is the best (in my opinion) it isn't bloated which makes it good as I'm using an 11 year old computer running XP (in 2017), it detected a PUP that AVG didn't detect, many of those other ones aren't bad however and I haven't tested many but I like Malwarebytes.

Anything other than malwarebytes and avast is usually bloatware. Norton takes up way too much space and hardly detects anything. Norton is also overpriced and is way too spammy, same with mcaffee. Malwarebytes has the option to turn off notifications and many customizable features.

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5 McAfee Virus Scan

It's perfect antivirus
And also easy to use...
It is nice av

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6 Avira

Pros: Very high detection rate

Cons: a few false-positives

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8 BitDefender

Is always 1# or 2# and is very easy to use, with a pleasent and attractiv interface.

Marked as #1. Antivirus by & A Gold Award wining software. My personal recommendation for it. Simply the Best. Simple and Windows interface matching interface and very attractive and easy to use. Provides all round security from all internet and virus threats. Probably the best to choose from other alternative like Kaspersky, Norton, E-scan, Avast etc. which not as better as this is.
Worth it.

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9 ESET Nod 32

In my personal opinion, ESET is better than Norton, Norton always forces you to make the security back up. AND I HATE THAT

Pros: High detection rate; cool interface

Cons: slows down computer

It's one of the best anti-virus. Any anti-virus will you're PC but NOD32 uses the least amount of resources. I would recommend you to keep it. It has a High detection rate with a little resource. Which means it will guard you're PC like the Army but will not slow down the PC

Maybe guards less than kaspersky, but guards enough and doesn't slow down your pc.

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10 Webroot

Pros: Better for spyware than any other suite; high detection rate

Cons: slow start up time -

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The Contenders

11 Microsoft Security Essentials

That is a very good anti-virus and when I got a problem with my pc that anti-virus solve it, and also it's free.

12 AVG AntiVirus

()Karspersky? hahaha, probably it's true, but few phenomenal experts don't use it, why? just try and learn it wisely, observe it very well. Other Anti-virus is very very good, but again same to others... ()i just share you some simple tip: "AVG the Powerful! " why try? discover first before you judge... WE SUPPORT AVG FOR NOT JUST NO. #1 but NO. #0...

I suggest that this is the best antivirus for windows 7.

This is an simple anti-virus software and good as well

It's free and it really works. I am very satisfied

13 F-Secure Anti-Virus
14 Windows Defender
15 Panda AntiVirus
16 Trend Micro
17 Sophos Virus Removal Tool
18 Comodo Antivirus
19 Baidu Antivirus
20 360 Total Security Essentials
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