I've used several other anti-virus on this list for personal and corporate use (150 PCs, 14 servers). One was way too heavy, expensive, and had bad habits of not staying updated, another was heavy, expensive and didn't work (come to find out it really isn't that good unless you install the whole suite, and we wanted only anti-virus). AVG Business Ed. Is simple, light, and awesome. The fact that they have a free personal edition is icing on the cake.

Been using it for years. Although it does have a few false positives, I've NEVER been infected with a true virus while using the free version of AVG. It has caught PLENTY of them and kept my PC safe. Only downside I've seen for others is that once in a while there's a file from AVG that messes up the boot process. I've been able to fix most of the time, but there were a couple that had to have Windows (XP) reinstalled. Still, the best I've seen over the other free ones.

I have used AVG now for years, FREE version works very well however the paid version is worth every penny! Norton & MacAfee are both jokes, AVG's free version works much better than their software that you have to pay for. Paid version is only $39.99 and an be picked up at Wal-Mart and other stores... But if your looking to protect more than one computer go to AVG/Griosoft's website for a better deal. Try it! You will not go back to those other companies again, EVER!

My laptop wasnt working fine so I tried a couple of antivirus programs. Some caught 1 virus, some 2. But when I tried AVG it caught 75619 viruses! Then my laptop worked like heaven. This software should be number 1 along with Norton and McAfee. Theyre good too you know! But Norton is a bit slow and McAfee is a bit over protective so GO AVG. P.S. The whole thing is superfast protective fun for FREE! - AbdullahSaeedKhan

I Like them the best. The have a free link scanner that can protect you from bad websites. AND they have a free version that comes with the link scanner AND identity protection, AUTOMATED scanning And a email scanner. AND IT IS FREE! There is no other anti virus with a free version THIS good out there.

Norton slows down my computer, plus it's not free!

AVG has been working wonderfully for the past year that I've had it, I'd definitely vote for AVG.

It never bother me, and it takes care of all the problems. No annoying updates, and it keeps me virus free without slowing down my computer.

It doesn't even take up that much space.

It is the only antivirus that broke every other brands that I used before.
It never allows any kind of virus from anywhere ie from dvds pendrives etc even the virus definitions are out of date.
It is also very easy to update by the option "update from directory".
just download the update file and then update it anytime.

Though it is a tad bit heavy on the computer when scanning with "high priority, " it has, alongside Microsoft Security Essentials, kept my PC clean. I've used it for several months now, and I must say, this is among the best free antiviruses I've used.

Fast. Smart. Light. Simple. Easy.
The top five things that I can say about this piece of work.
Was an avast! Fan boy until it's shocking privacy policy change. Shifted to AVG, and decided that it had most of avast! 's features, and provides WAY more control over the system.

This is the BEST antivirus ever have used karpersky, norton, and avast but I think that overall avg is the best because unlike the others it does not slow down my computer and is perfect to update and is also very effective and very fast

I used many antivirus in my PC but the best one I feel is avg cause its very simple to update and is user friendly... It not only protect from latest viruses but also keeps the computer steady and healthy...

Really smooth operating on the system, and has not so far caused any material damage to the machine (detecting and preventing virus attacks). User friendly and the basic defender is free to use.

AVG solved all my problems silently. AVG is number 1 antivirus in the world, because that is NO FALSE POSITIVES, NO HANG THE MACHINE, LIKE KASPERSKY (SUCKS)..

It is really mass of all antivirus ever. Kaspersky and norton are good antivirus. But I will vote for AVG. Avg is to find virus at any location

I like AVG. I use it along with another software. I've had no complications, and it actually protects my computer without making too much of a fuss. (Unlike McAfee. Which did nothing. )

Avg always detected virus and provided computers safeness. Avg it for all plataforms can be used in windows and in linux. In windows in a graphic mode and in linux an a potent bash mode.

AVG is and always has been the best anti-virus software...shocked to see it at 3rd position...It should be first because it is much better than kaspersky and definitely much better than avast

AVG a silent virus killer. AVG keep boost your system speed.
Enable Full scan my system not slowdown
But kaspersky or norton or bitdefender enable full scan my system process is slow

Not at all heavy for system even the latest versions work cool.
I am satisfied and at last the search for an antivirus which meets the system as well as mine (freeversion :P) requirements resorts to AVG

It works without making my computer poor and slow. So,. I got anti virus AND I can still work on my essays without a computer that shuts my word program down.

I think it is not very good antivirus. I tried AVG antivirus for first time and it is mind blowing it automatically detects virus and repair them. when norton, avast, etc does not

AVG is the best, because it lets me know when I have a threat and protects me on websites that are loaded with viruses and spyware. It lets me know which website is safe or not.

Nice anti virus and it is found that no virus can enter or out in computer through net. I have satisfied and will expect all type of security of virus. Best wishes for the same.

Free, fast, efficient. And did I mention its free? Norton is a piece of crap program used by old ladies, and slows down your computer much more than AVG in my experience.

*I haven't tried the full version, I'm a bit curious how good the anti virus is but I saw my cousin using it and I liked it, so I vote! I like :D! The anti-virus really deletes stuffs and so on.. :DD