Scanning a website have 38 viruses Bitdefender, Norton, Kaspersky, Avg, Avast
Bitdefender found 38 (2013 Version
Norton found 38
Kaspersky found 37
Avg found 36
Avast Found 37
Scanning my computer with Norton, Bitdefender, Kaspersky
Bitdefender Secured my pc
Norton up to a certain extent(IT SLOWS YOUR PC DOWN)
Kaspersky also did good but not to my expectations(GREAT ANTIVIRUS WITH LOTS OF MONEY WASTAGE)

It knows what to do to keep you safe, no need to schedule update, no need to schedule scans, it simply does auto update and auto scan, and it scans only when you are not at your busy hours using your laptop so it doesn't lag the system. It knows when you on battery or you are on gaming mood, for by then it automatically postpone any scans so as not to disturb you. It simply to install Bitdefender Free Edition and forget it's there because it makes your computer's life easy... As well as you.

I think it's the world best anti-virus and I'm using it from last 2 years

BitDefender and McAfee are the only two I know on this list, Mcafee is much more known it seems. There, that's the reason it's higher! The Dell I use is old, so it makes a few of the available versions of McAfee crash. Though, honestly, BitDefender! It goes as fast as a super computer on my 1998 Dell Computer System! Also, It seems as if it knows that some things I've downloaded aren't viruses...

Bitdefender is the best antivirus in the world because I use it and it is very very useful it has mode like autopilot and the safepay and the biggest thing is that it has its own firewall who can detect harmful malware or trojan or any type of harmful virus I adviced that only use bitdefender. Bitfender is best.

I got BitDefender free from my uncle. my pc got too many virus as other antivirus were not able to remove (only detect). but as I installed BitDefender total security, it removed all virus except 2 kind of virus. but they are not effecting my files.. BitDEfender is the best anitvirus I've ever used

In comparison with other anti-virus BitDefender has next to no effect on booting time and shut down time. It also doesn't slow the computer down. Malware detection and real time protection rate is exceptionally good. So it is the number 1 for me.

BitDefender is the best Antivirus in the world, as AV-Comparatives and AV-Test say it.
I'd test BitDefender, Kaspersky, ESET and... BitDefender is the best at all..

BitDefender: Speed = Good, Protection = Perfect, Detection = Perfect.

That's all.

Well the bottom line is its the best. I bought a new laptop and it had McAfee 6 month pre installed. My Pc got infected in within a day and had to be formatted. BitDefender has saved my PC millions of times. The BEST!

Most voters on this site don't know anything about computers. If they did they'd vote for BitDefender. Kaspersky is a close second though. They were right on that one. But Avast? Norton? You've got to be kidding me. - Fierysaint

Bitdefender is the best. I've been using it since 2 years ago. Flawless. Not to mention, it works silence behind. No fake alarms. Seamlessly solve the trouble made by virus whatsoever...!

It's the best it can detect, block, prevent, remove, disinfect all kinds of threats, and it scans very fast without slowing down your pc, and its the only security software that has Auto-Pilot.

Bitdefender should be first! It IS first! Tests show that Bitdefender is 1st in all categories! In AV Test BitDefender has the highest protection marks (better then Kaspersky & Norton)

Bitdefender is the best kaspersky is 2nd 3rd is norton 360

Bitdefender antivirus plus is the greatest 1 of all it does not slow down the pc but the protection is high tech

THe most advanced antivirus. Does not allow even the smallest threat to attack the computer. Also gives us a the control over the computer, allowing us to costumize the way we want to

I changed Kaspersy for BitDefender, and the difference is incredible!
Very fast, very simple and very easy to use. I recommand.

The only reason BitDefender is so low on the top 10, its because it's cost a lot more than the others...
- removes every virus
- Easy to setup
- it cost a lot.

I had installed "Bitdefender Total Security 2009" on my laptop 4 years ago and I've never had any difficulties since then, No Virus/spam/ hacker can escape its Solid Protection. It's better than any AV out there

I am using it from more than 1 yr its simple to install and easy to update.
I trust it and recommend it to all user...


BitDefender is a must in any top 3 list, not biased opinion but numerous test shows it is, why AVG is on top? Because it is free? Get a life PLEASE

Yea I've had very good experience with this company with a very good customer support team always happy to help and you can actually understand them

I ve used this for over one year now. Gr8 performance. very light and quick. better than kaspersky and avg for sure.

It's the best antivirus programm and I'm using it already 5 years - no problems with viruses etc.

Nothing gets past through it and doesn't slow down your computer.