I am using kaspersky internet security for almost 4 years now. I have no problems since it is installed on my PC I never look at solution because it takes every decision with smart way. Update itself, scans system for infections, Scans USBs attached to computer system & also check for system vulnerability for possible security holes which are not patched with updates from microsoft itself. Its unique safe transaction technology awarded by AV Test.org for 'Most Innovative Lab work to Secure Transaction'

Best of all because best protection, easy to configure, easy to use. any antivirus ranking site you go its either no.1 or no.2 in only a few. In fact according to xperts nothing is close to it than BitDefender but overall it is the best.

Russian Military Used it so you can imagine what its quality is.
Disads:1)slows the pc for startup(only when you switch on the pc), and
while it updates
2)it is a bit expensive
3)evrything else is awesome.

I have tried many of the higher end virus scanners over many years being a sysadmin, and Kaspersky AV and Internet Security provide great protection solutions to all levels of the computer and internet world.

Their products are often on sale at Costco or around the web for far less than the direct price as well, often by less than half!

Go get their free trial an see for yourself!

Using this for ages now. It has an amazing layout which is really easy to find your way around, and it is easy to use overall. There are regular updates and it's easy to know when Kaspersky needs an update or has detected a Virus, Trojan, Etc. I have trusted Kaspersky ever since I got this computer (1/2 Years Ago) and have never been infected! Kaspersky will solve all of your problems easily and I trust Kaspersky 100%!

Kaspersky is the best because it has almost passed all Virus Bulletin comparative. According to PC World magazine, Kaspersky anti-virus software provides the fastest updates for new virus and security threats in the industry. In the latest AV-Comparatives test, the Technical Release build of Kaspersky 2009 achieved a nearly 85% proactive detection rate.its the BEST....

I use and being loyal to Kaspersky since 2004 when I was a collage student. In collage, usually we always being attack by new virus. The only software that can detect new virus faster than other is Kaspersky. Norton can do it's job too but usually a lil bit later and Norton is heavier to your RAM than Kaspersky. The best choice is KIS - KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY.

First you don't have to connect to the internet in order to Update it. So it's very good for protecting a computer with no access to the internet

Second It doesn't slow your computer like other antivirus do.

Third It detects everything. Nothing can pass through it

Fourth very easy to use and the interface are amazing - BigZ

This program saves my ass many times from formatting
reinstalling my windows. This company grows every month. It's one of the companies witch protect their products from cracking(except this stupid trial reseter, but you must be some idiot, to start this program every months.

I've been using Kaspersky for around 6 years now and have never had any problems. They constantly release new virus definitions and it doesn't use a lot of resources compared to other virus software I've used.

I used to use Norton until it failed to stop a trojan horse that forced me to rebaseline my PC - they lost my business with that move. Go Kaspersky!

its wonderful because many people use kaspersky with crack, whose have no money to buy kaspersky. kaspersky know this that there software use in illigal way but they don't doing anything because kaspersky is great, and it better than any antivirus program. I thing kaspersky is best!

Kaspersky has nicely user interface, perfect database for virus detection and allowing user to make a decision, about what file must be deleted or what file must be rescued. In 2012 version, Kaspersky had not much using resources on PC. Good Job KASPERSKY!

the best in the world, it works since you turn on your pc. extremly efficient without slowing your computer down. nothing passes through it's scan. And it only warns you about the files that are actually danger as it has the biggest virus database

I have 10000 days license of Kaspersky pure and still I can increase it anytime.... yo...
my system is super protective than ever before...
I like bit defender but it deletes ActiveX control for which I have format it in very badly....

I had a lol of anti virus programs over the years, and they all let viruses through. Kapersky should be first because after our computer was destroyed i loaded in the disc and it cleaned up what the other programs missed, and the new viruses i would get. It makes my computer run a little slower but its worth it.

Simply is the Best Security Software of them all!

I started using kaspersy when I had troubles with other softwares (no need to mention them), and I worked perfect that time. Now after like 5 years using Kaspersky's products, I don't wanna go back

it can detect everything and deletes it its the best antivirus i've ever seen its so much amazing. I was first having symantec antivirus but after two or three months i found that there is a virus attack in the antivirus and then i chaged into kaspersky and its just awesome

This is the best Anti-Virus for Windows, I have been use this software for over 7 years and it keeps my computer secure from any malicious files, viruses, or trojans or anything. The things that I liked that Kaspersky always have a relevant update to the server everyday. - fajrifachriansyah

Norton Antivirus is just more popular. Symantec has more ads, keeps on asking you to renew your membership after your done, and slows the heck down on your computer while scanning. Kaspersky is unnoticable unless I'm gaming. Dream on Norton...

I've been tried avast before because its just free but it can't detect everything, free anti virus couldn't detect some other virus, and now 2 years I am using a KASPERSKY all can I say is the BEST anti virus, this anti virus can detect everything.

it is amazing. once a time My computer is in very bad state. I try a lot of anti-virus but no profit. then I use the trial version of kaspersky. but I really shocking that I find approx. 78 virus. I was really surprise And my computer once again comes in very good state.

I've been using Kaspersky for almost 5 years now. Not even once, my computer hasn't received any virus. I've been trying to infect my computer like visiting malicious sites, infected USBs and downloading trojans itself. But Kaspersky always stops them. (even tried using IE).

Powerful. Available in many languages. One example that Kasperky is better than Norton: I have 1 malicious file, Norton tries to delete it, while Kasperky tries every way to eliminate the virus without deleting the file.

This revolutionary anti virus has totally changed my computer security. Its simply the best there is and NORTON SUCKS!

I have tried Norton, Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, AVAST and Kaspersky so far in 2011-2012. And so far Kaspersky gives my PC the most protection. I intend to try BitDefender and AVIRA, but my confidence and loyalty will probably remain with Kaspersky!

Real-Time Protection:

I went to infected websites and downloaded infected files, pictures, etc.

Out of 35:

Kaspersky detected 35.
Norton detected 33.
Webroot detected 35.

So, the best anti-virus is:

1. Kaspersky
2. Norton
3. Webroot