Malwarebytes' Anti Malware


I heard that MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware saved someone's computer from 5000 viruses.
I have this and Security Essentials. I used to have AVG and McAfee

This should be in the top place on Antivirus Companies. I mean this isn't even an antivirus company, but if you have this in your computer, you don't need an antivirus. Unlike the antiviruses, this software is a light one. So, Vote for Malwarebytes!

Best anti-malware program. Only $25 for PRO version. Much better than Norton and fully customizable to run completely in background. Been malware free ever since installing this suite and I download a lot of random torrents.

Norton beats this? Please, Norton and McAfee are called "the virus's of antivirus" for a reason. This actually works. It catches a lot of things that Norton and WD miss (after being fed up with norton for years I got MB and found over 300 virus's) - Lucifer21

awesome antivirus software. completely free, and detects most viruses. some of my friends that work as professional tech service recommended it to me, saying it was what they used on computers infected with viruses.

Best free program out there. I trust it more than norton and some of those other bigger companies.

This is the BEST anti-malware I've ever used: he detected ALL the spywares and adwares that avira couldn't find!

Malwarebyte's anti malware FTW!

I have been using Malwarebytes for many years now, and It has saved my computer from various Malicious software including Trojan and PCEU. Highly recommend as it is also free.

Top of the line, super fast service, and deadly.. It actually DETECTS them! I have used several over the years, none come up to the powerful standards set by this software.

This one is definitely the best, I use it a lot and it cleans all the viruses off without even wanting money. - YourGothicNightmare

I had this for a few days and it detected more threats then I Thought I never saw anything like this before and 2 words Thank You!

Malwarebytes is inexpensive and has saved my PC on numerous occasions from rogue software like Cyber Defender. - OisT

It's the best I've ever had and dependable which you can rely upon. So go for it with no second thought.

Very useful antivirus that found 23 viruses on my pc and saved my hard drive on many occasions.

The only anti virus who eliminated the shortcut virus in my computer...

Best software for detecting real new threats quickly

How is this not on top? Better than crappy Avast.

Really the best. Saved my ass many times.

The best for preventing security intrusion from internet. Installed with windows security essential for files security, your computer in almost unhackble

I've had this for 30 days trial and WOW! Such power! Removed 61 PUPS. Recommended.

The only antivirus I use on my PC. Not only does it detect serious threats such as malware, but it also gets rid of small, pesky adware and PUP's that others can't detect.


People at Best Buy use this FCOL (for crying out loud)