Mcafee is the best antivirus company. Not necessarily the retail/consumer locked version, but I mean the commercial version that almost every company uses as their vendor now. The commercial version (VSE 8.8 and higher) Is as simple and refined as antivirus gets. It has a perpetual license, it has OAS consistently running when you choose, and everything is just completely customizable. Its like the android of the antivirus/malware world. Once you have file it can go on an unlimited number of pcs. Its the best antivirus commercially available, its so good I've been able to run it on a crashing pc who's only hope is a reformat and its been able to remove about 90% of issues.

I've always used it, as opposed to Norton, & it's "Total Protection" & "Site Advisor" products have kept me save for a number of years now. A couple of Trojan Horses have crept past the firewall now & again, but the antivirus has picked them up & quarantined them for me. All in all I've found McAfee to be a good, well rounded product. Keep up the good work!

The best antivirus ever, still working awesome even in out of date state, very easy to use, you can update it with 1 click, it has super real-time protection that can detect every single infected file even in stand by mode.

And McAfee has the best Firewall software, use both of them for ultimate protection.

well its the best antivirus my computer could have! its ar better than kaspersky and norton! I've been using that for 2 months..

The parental controls are fantastic and allow the granularity required for a household with one young teenager and one older teenager. User interaction is at a minimum compared with some of the other popular AV tools.
- an I.T. professional.

I always you this to help my computer to say virus free. Every time that I download something it checks for me. Also it shows you how many viruses you have by this little carnival tent ting. But this company also keeps it in the greens!

Best antivirus ever! I think it kicks norton's ass by a mile. I even got a free 3 month subscription from them and my firewall, viruses, and other system bug were fixed. Better than kapersky anyday.

Always detects any viruses or problems before it has a chance to screw up my computer. It's easy to use and not that expensive as well. It does pretty fast virus scans and it has been around for ages. - masongilbert74

Great, affordable, and it runs in the background so that its not "In your face" when your using the computer. It also doesn't take up much memory space on your HDD either.

It deserves number 1 spot. The rest are all free s***. If you really want to protect your computer, this is to be used. Even if they price, who cares if your computer is safe & fast

The best ever, I've had norton, that is so heavy, and others are so damn complicated to use. McAfee is simple and the best choice ever. I would pay every year for them.


Nothing is comparable with MCAFEE.I was using this last 2 years user friendly and great detection of all virus, malwares and secure browsing.

Go though it.

McAfee is best against any type of trojans and malwares. It also provides good protection regarding internet security and software is also pretty quick...

McAfee is simply amazing, Just amazing. It's protected me for 2 years now and it can do any task I want/need in an Anti Virus software. I recommend to all!

Mcafee is good. I've never had to switch I've had it for 3 years now its not bad at all definitely recommend it though sometimes its a bit slow.

leaves no worry esp when I try to make downloading files from the internet. very easy to update and gives you updated version always.

Attacks all intruders like a ninja! Call do anything online without fear of something ruining my laptop! Mcafee is boss!

great antivirus.
I am using for more than 2 years
since then my computer never got infected..

Great Antivirus! Well it's Better that anything I have used Kaspersky, Eset, norton, avira!

Nothing is comparable with this giant name MCAFEE it is totally strict and fits perfect for lap and desk simply superb

I had a problem and a bloke from them showed me how to fix it right away. Brilliant customer service with happy employees

McAfee is a good antivirus by intel.

its the father of all antivirus programs. the best of the best. kaspersky doesn't even come close.

As I think this virus guard is very good no? I think I will be able to use this no?