Microsoft Security Essentials


It's been two years since I had been using MS SE... Not a single infection has passed into my pc since then; it detects all kinds of threats, the worms, viruses, trojans, malwares, adwares, rootkits, link generators, js script manipulators, etc... I have been advicing all of the customers to use MS SE when I was working in Symantec a few years ago... Even it's the truth that made me resign from symantec; that, no other third party software will be knowing the heart of windows other than its own super companion, The Microsoft Security Essentials.

Antivirus are mostly required on Windows desktops. That means, it should be able to inter-operate well with core system and related processes. For this, being coded by someone who has a good understanding on core system and programs is very useful to make the lowest impact on system. So, as Windows is developed by Microsoft and also MSE, I'd like to recommend MSE as the best AV. They're also great in researches, so database should also be awesome. Also, it's free for genuine Windows. So, I highly recommend to use MSE as the best AV.

It's free! What else is there to say? I haven't had a virus since I've been using it. Symantec is okay.

McAfee is the worst. It wants to run a bunch of stuff when you start your computer and is very annoying. And it always wants to download a bunch of stuff. It is awful... - votemaster

Microsoft Security Essentials is very simple. Install it and forget it unless something infects your system. Even better is that it is built in to Windows 8 as Windows Defender so you don't even have to worry about having antimalware installed.

Stable, light. Doesn't waste resources. Its free and easy to use. Since I installed it I never heard from it again. This is how a anti-virus program should work.

It is the best antivirus till date.. Free and fast. And I haven't been troubled by any virus, trojan, trap door, worms, zombies etc. I have been using it for about four years now..

Not necessarily the BEST AV, but it is definitely a great FREE AV!
I'm sick of seeing McAfee at 7th, it is an overrated AV that slows down your PC dramatically! This is light, legit and... FREE! So glad I got rid of McAfee! - xVolt


Not sure why this isn't number 1, Norton, Mcafee, etc. Are very overrated and just slow down your computer and cost a lot of money. This does exactly what it's supposed to do without slowing down your computer, and it's free. What more could you ask for?

I have tried several over many years and this is the best all around product... Doesn't slow down the system and it works... I maintain several computers for senior citizens and I always use Essentials and none have had any problems...

Avast stopped XP compatibility so went to this MSE - it's terrific light easy to use and haven't had any problems good as doesn't nag and almost forget it is there good for starting out as some above are not friendly if a newbie.

It's awesome free software for genuine windows...
most recommended antivirus without any investment.
no need of renew or upgrade..
this antivirus is forever...

So much less trouble, viruses and high performance since I started using MSE. MSE is the best and on top of that it's free.

Hands down the best! I have no complaints, easy to use and I HIGHLY recommend it! And it is FREE! I have mine set up to run a scan once a week on Sundays at 3AM, that way it is ready to use when I get up!

MSE does the same job as the others, to a superb standard. There's no argument to use anything else but MSE; it's free, it works just as well as the others, and it's the lightest one out there!

Microsoft made. Suitable for windows absolutely work to avoid virus, malware, and spyware

Hey it should be on the top this is designed by Microsoft itself and it updates regularly and from two years I didn't have even one virus.

Its great... But it has some false results... Its take keygens as hack tools... But its super light and fast with fast scanning

I've been using this for over a year now and its great, I can't complain. Never froze up and my computer/laptop have never gotten plagued by a virus.

Its awesome. And its free too! Why don't people go for this. There hasn't been a single virus in my computer since I had this

The best Free antivirus there is.. !
simple interface, low ram usage, quick scan
nice software

It's good in detecting viruses and spywares. I found no problem with my laptop. Nice software and most of all its free...

I've used Norton, Avira, McAfee and AVG in the past, but nothing kept me as virus-free as Microsoft Security Essentials

Very good and reliable. Does what I expect it to without slowing down my computer. It's absolutely free and requires little or sometimes no attention from end-user.

I think this is a good program, if you know enough to stay away from dangerous websites and are smart enough to be aware of how to to recognize bad emails