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Good antivirus software is an invaluable tool for keeping your computer, your personal information, and the security of your friends and family safe from hackers, identity thieves, and spammers. The damage a single virus can do is astounding.

Today's viruses have the capability to do everything from sending your personal information like credit card numbers and bank accounts to identity thieves to turning your computer into a slave that will send out spam e-mail messages, attack websites, or do pretty much anything else the virus maker wants it to. And on top of that, viruses are programmed to seek out your contacts and try to infect them as well. Odds are good that if your computer gets infected, everybody in your contacts is going to be receiving an e-mail message or IM that looks to be from you and contains the same virus you got.

A good antivirus program will typically cost a bit, but will be nothing compared to the cost of losing your files and your identity. Below are the top ten best antivirus software companies around.

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61 Baidu Antivirus

Its lite, free and amazing, detecting problems and solve them fast

Its free, its fast and it has tons of tools to fix problems on your pc

Thanks Baidu

62 Zemana
63 Forticlient

This has to be higher. I use Forticlient now for YEARS and I only encountered... one virus. ONE.

64 Kaseya
65 Skynet Antivirus

Skynet is best virus detection..

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66 Antixx eZScan
67 PSafe
68 360 Internet Security
69 PC Media Anti-Virus

the best antivirus in indonesia, I use it in my computer and it can work good, make more virus detect

the best antivirus from Indonesia, can combine with clam av, make more virus detect

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70 Smadav

Portable mini antivirus, scan virus, registry and hidden objects, has many tools such Process Manager, System Editor, Win-Force, and Smad-Lock, If your Regedit/Task Manager/MS-Commant/MS-Config has been disabled by Virus, you can force Enabled it with a single click.
Not a Powerful Antivirus but it always comes in handy..

It's very simple, and more options to handle problem

I like this antivirus, simple and nice ^_^

Very good

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71 Qihoo 360

This antivirus have won in vb100 and av-comparatives! And then this antivirus have cloud and uses only 11MB and uses CPU low and then use small ram only while it processing

360 is best for ever and will bee because it don't needs an activation key.

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72 Net Protector AntiVirus (NPAV)

This NPAV is the best and last solution of pc. It has muti Scan system and other functions which have not any other antivirus in the world. Because I already use most best anti-virus (kaspersky, quickhill, etc) but the could not give real time protection and slow down pc regularly. Lastly I can find this NPAV which keep my laptop faster than others. Thanks. I think it is the number 1 brand in the world.

It's not using any hardware resources from its system. Because I already use most best anti-virus (trend micro, quickhill, etc) but the could not give real time protection and slow down pc regularly. Lastly I can find this NPAV which keep my desktop faster than others. Thanks. I think it is the number 1 brand in the world.

This antivirus is superior & best in new experiments & operating softwares & also getting a greatest response.

The best lo price antivirus

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73 Windows Live OneCare

No problem at all. anti virus is satisfactory.

74 XP-Protector

World number 1 product no feet


75 Technology
76 Protegent

A total Security Solution

Very Good Antivirus with data recovery software

Who else came here just to find this


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77 E-Guard Anti Virus

Fastest growing company in South Asia Pacific... Having presence in whole India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka


I am using this software from long time it is very good software

Really good Anti virus in india

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78 Trust Port

It is a wonderful one. Detect every threat and keeps your pc safe

79 Defenx

Reliable, cheap, made in Switzerland, great Android smartphone+tablet suites.

Fantastic, is a great security software... and the support is always friendly

The android smartphone suite is easy to use and reliable.
Highly advisable if you download a lot of apps.

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80 EUniScan
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