Symantec (Norton)


I had Norton since 1989 and never had a problem with them. One time I got a virus that I couldn't get off my computer so I called Norton and told them and they send me in the mail a disc that got the virus off my computer and they did it for free all I had to do was send the disc back and upload the file that had the virus in it to Norton after my computer was clean. Thank you Norton.

I've had Norton 360 before, than I had avast! now I have ESET and I could feel the difference between these three... It was much better with Norton, my computer ran faster, less errors popped up, etc. So in conclusion I'd say that Norton 360 is the best antivirus!

Norton is the best antivirus, and it's from one of the most experienced Antivirus companies. It has changed a lot now. It's not heavy on the system resources even. Just give it a try and you won't want to change it for any other antivirus program ever...

Norton is the best antivirus I've used with my PC.
Avast! Try to erase windows explorer! And it's too loud.
ESET is good but if you have a trial version, when it expires microsoft office get blocked until you uninstall ESET
AVG it's the second best antivirus I Know

The only antivirus that shows the links are risky or not. Other you can know once you click but Norton does it before your click (on the search page itself). Same goes on android. It can scan apps on Google Play store which you are viewing even before clicking install.

I choose this simply because I own it. Laugh out loud. Some of my friends using other antivirus but keeps getting virus again and again ;), while this norton things doesn't even got any virus in it. Well, it's probably not that good though, but who knows?

Kaspersky IS a good second.

Symantec corporation proves to be the best, though, as it is the standard for the military, government, school, etc.

Their reputation is their strength. - rrpaul

Its so good because if I didn't have it my laptop would have been gone. Once, I was downloading a song but then a fake app virus came but norton fighted the virus. I really helps.

Norton does use lots of memory and kind of does slow your computer down, but I have never had security issues ever so my vote goes to Norton hands down. Also, never buy McAffe because it sucks.

I've used several anti-virus applications over the years, and Norton is the only one I will run now. I appreciate the full control I have over the settings so it doesn't bog down my system. - dallinatkinson

Norton has saved me plenty of times and I just love it! Plus its very affordable for 50 dollars you get 1 whole year of anti-virus internet surfing! Norton has got your back!

Not only does this anti-virus software get rid of viruses, it also speeds up your computer with separate software! Not to mention their Cloud storage. An excellent program.

I have been using Norton for years and have never had a virus. I have however downloaded hundreds (accidentally of course) and Norton got rid of all of them. It doesn't slow down my computer at all!

It's good and doesn't use cpu as much as mcaffe does and does background scans without much cpu usage. And it cleans up my system pretty good

Really good, resolves problems quickly and also gives every day update about my computer's files and programs and its really awesome - skandh98

I swear, this anti-virus software blocks every virus that tries to infect my computer. It's easy to use, and it's at a nice affordable price. TEAM NORTON! lol

Simple, fast, reliable and it isn't too much overprotective unlike Kaspersky which scares me with its notifications. Norton is undoubtedly the best!

Older versions of Norton products were slow. However, their 2009 and 2010 products ROCK! Absolutely the best on the market. Nothing gets past Norton.

I use it and have never had a problem - except when I tried to install it on an on virus ridden computer (it was so resource hungry it crashed the computer)

Informs you when their's a risk, blocks fake websites, protects you from harmful viruses and asks you for updates. And shows how harmful the viruses were.

I like norton symantec because it compose of what we called multiasking, so fast so reliable and even virus can break.. So I vote norton the best ever

The best antivirus software I have ever seen. Very powerful and easy to use and lots of features I think norton is the beat and it should be number 1.

norton's pretty awesome. i've been using it all my life and it should TOTALLY be the best one here.

I love norton anti virus it is the best I've used it for two years and I clears your computer from virus it make your computer runs fast and brillant

This and McAfee are my favorite because there simple and very accurate. McAfee and Norton are very good so go with the one people like best which is Norton but if Norton's not available, McAfee is great to. - booklover1