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21 Ruska Ruska

That is is the business. I wanted to learn how to play after I heard this song.

22 Master of Puppets Master of Puppets

THIS is why I started listening to Apocalyptica. Great Covers of songs by a great band. - Flav

What? How could this be 23rd? 0.0 it's amazing... it should definitely be 4th after bittersweet, I don't care, and path

23 Quutamo Quutamo

I think this is theirs best song, because it's their very own song. Beautiful and rough. Their best work. I must listen it over and over again!

You guys seriously have to listen to it to admire its epicness!

24 Rage of Poseidon Rage of Poseidon

One of my favorite songs by them, It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

25 Faraway Faraway

Best Apocalyptica instrumental, even better than the original. Listen to it and you'll never be able to listen to its original version again

26 Kaamos Kaamos

This should be on the top 10. It's one of my favorites, and I don't know why it's not even listed.

27 Prologue (No Apprehension)
28 Wie weit
29 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
30 2010 2010
31 Deathzone Deathzone

Come on people I know, I don't care and one are amazing but this one got to be their best sad symphony ever!..

32 Fight Against Monsters Fight Against Monsters
33 On the Rooftop With Quasimodo On the Rooftop With Quasimodo

This is my favorite song cause of the great melody an it�'s great without any vocals

34 Solo Tu

May all be sang in 'Japanese' (May be wrong about the language) but the music, the vocals everything screams pure genius, that's why I added it to the list.

35 Refuse/Resist Refuse/Resist
36 Grace Grace

How is this song not on the list? Easily their best song in my opinion

This song is way too low top 3 in my opinion if not #1

37 Cohkka Cohkka

Why this song is not on the list? No vocals but it gives me goose bumps

38 Fade to Black Fade to Black
39 Hole In My Soul Hole In My Soul
40 Cold Blood Cold Blood
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