Best April Wine Songs

One of the few bands that doesn't already have a list, let's determine the best songs by April Wine.

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1 Tonight Is a Wonderful Time to Fall In Love

My favorite AW song...a lot of great memories

Best April Wine of all time. Saw them 5 times in 18months back in the 70's, going to see them again tonight Sept 17 2016 in Calgary, AB. I'm a little older, but then so are they, so we'll all be better behaved! haha!

Going' on forever...

The best song of April Wine

2 Roller Roller

This song is very tight and features the best musicianship of ANY April Wine song, particularly the lead guitar. Great lyrics, great recording, great song.


3 I Like to Rock I Like to Rock

Great song. Great guitar and drums. Love the homage to The Beatles and the Stones at the end with the daytripper and satisfaction riffs. April Wine knows how to rock.

Love the Beatles guitar riff toward the end of the song.

Can totally hear the "daytripper" riff in there, but really cool song. -

The Day Tripper and Satisfaction riffs at the end were obviously an intentional homage to two of the biggest "Rock " bands of all time. Ingenius

4 Just Between You and Me

Every other song by this band sucks compared to this one, no doubt, this one is the best

The song that had me thinking of my wife when we were in the eighth grade.

Greatest song from them hands down plus I was born to this so it has to be #1

A classic, this and " I wouldn't want to lose your love" great soft rock.

5 Sign of the Gypsy Queen

Great song, strong lead guitar and perfect lyrics.

Best song best story behind the song

In the 80's I watched all the great bands in the local bar's streetheart/april wine/pump's
headpins in winnipeg. the recording of live after dark streetheart at the diamond club
winnipeg the best show ever!

6 You Could've Been a Lady

Roller and this song are the best. Why isn't it on here? Anyway, it doesn't matter. Great song fro

You could put Future Tense on list

7 Say Hello

Favorite song.ever

Number 1 says this American boy

Best A W song

8 Like a Lover, Like a Song
9 Oowatanite

Railroad siren bells and the train rocks thru. o what a night!

The intro is great and this is such a rocking' song!

10 Enough is Enough

The Contenders

11 Future Tense
12 Wings of Love

Great song!

Hidden Jewel in my opinion. Another complex song that is so amazing to listen to at any volume. Myles got a 10 on this one. - rzink

13 Rock Myself to Sleep

One of my most fave AP songs! - Curti2594

14 Shotdown

Their best song!

Extremely catchy, great edge and pace

15 Weeping Widow

Should be number 2

Listen to this Song Live and then Tell me Where is belongs on this list! - Curti2594

This used to be my favorite when it first came out.

Great song, one of my favorites

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16 You Won't Dance with Me

Always liked the song since I first heard it as a teen.

Wonderful Slow dance song - Curti2594

Classic Rock Ballad, Just as good today as the 1st time I listened in 1977. Myles Goodwyn at his romantic best.

17 I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love

One of the best "sing along" songs that April Wine ever recorded

Myles Goodwyn just Recently Retired and it's sad because of all He & April Wine has meant to my Family! This song is also wonderful! - Curti2594

18 Cum Hear the Band

Any aspiring musician would love this song

Awesome tune off Stand Back, best Canadian band ever.

Very unique

Great song!

19 Bad Side of the Moon

This was originally Elton John's just so you know people!

Easily one of the greatest songs of all time, or at least one of the catchiest!

20 All Over Town

A great non hit and a fine example why they can't be judged for radio songs alone. My favorite band! Roller is amazing as well but they"re an album band. Harder faster, Nature Of The Beast, First Glance, Electric Jewels and Stand Back. Start with those ones. Each album is different from the other. Attitude is underrated too.

21 Anything You Want, You Got It
22 If You See Kay
23 Rock N' Roll Is a Vicious Game

Best song buy them for sure

Hard to believe this song doesn't have more votes...

All time favourite song

24 Coming Right Down on Top of Me

This is a song that everyone should be able to relate to. Meaningful and powerful writing!

Amazing. So heart felt.

Everyone can relate

25 Doin' It Right
26 Hot On the Wheels of Love
27 I’m On Fire for You, Baby

The most underrated Rock Ballad of all times.

I have a love/hate relationship with this song based solely on its composition.

The first two verses are executed perfectly with a vocal performance that captures the innocence of a young love complete with the exuberance of anticipation.

From a composition standpoint, there is where the instrumental break should come in followed by a proper third verse.

It doesn't.

Instead we are treated bits and pieces of a third verse, a strong instrumental, and endless refrains of a whiny (albeit lazy) chorus until it fades.

So much promise but for me, it's a guilty pleasure regardless.

28 This Could Be the Right One

First April Wine song I heard and loved. Brings back great memories

29 Drop Your Guns
30 Before the Dawn

They should do more like this one its great

31 Silver Dollar

Better than bone jovie

32 If I Was a Stranger

Great tune from post breakup era

33 Get Ready for Love
34 Fast Train

Awesome guitar riffs throughout

35 Crash and Burn
36 Just Like That

This was my favorite song when it first came out and still is today

How could this not be in top 10

Still one of my favorite songs of all time

37 Electric Jewels

Just to show that they can write a complex song too

38 Tonite

Always loved Myles voice on this track

39 If You Believe in Me
40 Tellin' Me Lies
41 Big City Girls

I feel this song rocks...always fun to hear!

42 Child's Garden


43 Come on Along
44 Victim for Your Love
45 Voice in My Heart
46 Can't Take Another Nite
47 Babes In Arms
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1. Weeping Widow
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3. Tonight Is a Wonderful Time to Fall In Love
1. I Like to Rock
2. Enough is Enough
3. Sign of the Gypsy Queen

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