Best April Wine Songs

I've been an April Wine fan since hearing "You Could've Been A Lady" in '76. I've seen them live twice and they've become my favorite band. Myles Goodwin is one of the most underappreciated musicians in rock history. I know their music well and feel like I've compiled a credible list.

The Top TenW

1 Roller

The lead guitar in this song is the centerpiece. Very well done.

2 I Like to Rock

Who doesn't have chills run down their spine when they hear the opening riff slowly build and then take you on a "right between the eyes" ride of full on, no nonsense rock n' roll? The combo riffs of "Daytripper", "Satisfaction", and their own at the end are pure genius and caps off the song in style. Enough said.

3 Just Between You and Me

You can call this a ballad if you want but it still has that hard edge to it. Great song.

4 Sign of the Gypsy Queen

Another gem from one of the best rock albums ever, "Nature Of The Beast".

5 Tonight Is a Wonderful Time to Fall In Love

This tune also leans toward the ballad side but satisfies your rocker side at the same time.

6 Future Tense

Probably the most unappreciated Wine song, this is an all out assault on the senses. If you're not ready for some serious rock n' roll, then don't bother spinning this one.

7 You Could've Been a Lady

This is probably the one that put them on the map in the states. Classic rock song with all the elements of an April Wine song.

8 Shotdown

Another unappreciated jewel that for some unknown reason is getting way too little airplay in recent years.

9 Rock Myself to Sleep

Great lyrics that tell her you still want her and the sentiment is driven home by a powerful riff. Excellent tune.

10 Anything You Want, You Got It

Straight forward, hide the women and children, no holds barred rock n' roll. Classic Wine.

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Best April Wine Songs
1. Weeping Widow
2. Rock Myself to Sleep
3. Tonight Is a Wonderful Time to Fall In Love
Best April Wine Songs
1. I Like to Rock
2. Enough is Enough
3. Sign of the Gypsy Queen
Best April Wine Songs
1. Tonight Is a Wonderful Time to Fall In Love
2. Roller
3. I Like to Rock