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21 All Over Town

A great non hit and a fine example why they can't be judged for radio songs alone. My favorite band! Roller is amazing as well but they"re an album band. Harder faster, Nature Of The Beast, First Glance, Electric Jewels and Stand Back. Start with those ones. Each album is different from the other. Attitude is underrated too.

22 Coming Right Down on Top of Me

This is a song that everyone should be able to relate to. Meaningful and powerful writing!

Amazing. So heart felt.

Everyone can relate

23 Rock N' Roll Is a Vicious Game

Hard to believe this song doesn't have more votes...

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24 Doin' It Right
25 Anything You Want, You Got It
26 Hot On the Wheels of Love
27 Silver Dollar
28 Drop Your Guns
29 Just Like That

This was my favorite song when it first came out and still is today

Still one of my favorite songs of all time

How could this not be in top 10

30 Electric Jewels

Just to show that they can write a complex song too

31 Tonite

Always loved Myles voice on this track

32 Tellin' Me Lies
33 Before the Dawn

They should do more like this one its great

34 Crash and Burn
35 Get Ready for Love
36 I’m On Fire for You, Baby

The most underrated Rock Ballad of all times.

37 If I Was a Stranger

Great tune from post breakup era

38 Child's Garden


39 Come on Along
40 Victim for Your Love
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