Top Ten Best Aqua Songs

The best from the Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group.

The Top Ten

1 Barbie Girl

This is a fantastic song gets you in the mood every time I play this song.

Aqua didn't intend for this song to be for kids. Still I had it when I was little.

If you mention pop band from 90s Aqua this song will be the one mentioned.

1. It increased the sales of Barbie dolls
2. But its not really about Barbie dolls its about a bimbo girl.

2 My Oh My

awesome and very underrated song. I love it. Aqua was so cool back in the day. My Oh My is cool - Magnolia

It is a very pleasurable song for any cruse journey

I love her voice that's really outstanding.

Holy jesus, this is ma jam, I want this song inside me...

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3 Turn Back Time

Sure they might not be the greatest singers but compare this to Barbie Girl they make normal music.

sometimes I wish to that I could turn back time, a great song - MatrixGuy

4 Lollipop (Candyman)

This isn't in the top 10?! I thought it would be top 4 for sure! Love this song.

This song should be in top 5 at least! This song makes barbie girl sound like child play

Come on, that's a great song put it on 5 or 4

That should be 4 that is so damn rude!

5 Roses are Red

"It's invisible, but so touchable. I can feel it on my body, so emotional. " What a great song. I like Bumble bees, My oh my and Barbie girl, but this one sure is the top one song of Aqua. A

I'm on a ride, On a ride I'm a passenger. I'm a victem of a hot love messenger! - SmoothCriminal

I loved this song from school, and love it now.
thank you, I love you all

6 Cartoon Heroes

Legendary music. Musi world would be dry without this song. I mean, the lyrics and sound. Just fun!

7 Doctor Jones

one of my childhood song's - MatrixGuy

This song kicks "Barbie Girl" in the face in terms of awesomeness.

8 Back from Mars
9 Back to the 80's
10 My Mamma Said

The Contenders

11 Viva Las Vegas
12 Happy Boys and Girls
13 Around the World

It is my favorite song 'cause it makes my day. I love with this song.

14 Good Morning Sunshine
15 How R U Doin?

This is the only song that is worth listening to! - alexbesingue

16 We Belong to the Sea

This Song is one of my favorite.

This song sounds really good while others may sound quite kiddish... This ones soothing.

17 Playmate to Jesus
18 Aquarius
19 Jungle Song


20 Bumble Bees

Truly rocking song, Awesome!

This song desreves top 3

1. Bumble Bees
2. Roses Are Red
3. My Oh My

21 Cuba Libre

How come its not in the list...its got one of the best lyrics possible!

This one belongs to my top 5.

22 Calling You
23 Like a Robot
24 Halloween

Should be #1

25 Freaky Friday
26 No Party Patrol
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1. Lollipop (Candyman)
2. Turn Back Time
3. My Oh My
1. Viva Las Vegas
2. My Oh My
3. Roses are Red


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