Top Ten Best Aqua Songs

The best from the Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group.

The Top Ten

1 Barbie Girl

A very nice song indeed. It's the best pop song I've heard. Aw... So sweet guy he is.

I started to like this song when I was 11. I like it now too.

Best bubble gum pop song ever!


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2 My Oh My

awesome and very underrated song. I love it. Aqua was so cool back in the day. My Oh My is cool - Magnolia

It is a very pleasurable song for any cruse journey

I love her voice that's really outstanding.

Holy jesus, this is ma jam, I want this song inside me...

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3 Turn Back Time

sometimes I wish to that I could turn back time, a great song - MatrixGuy

4 Lollipop (Candyman)

This isn't in the top 10?! I thought it would be top 4 for sure! Love this song.

This song should be in top 5 at least! This song makes barbie girl sound like child play

Come on, that's a great song put it on 5 or 4

That should be 4 that is so damn rude!

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5 Roses are Red

"It's invisible, but so touchable. I can feel it on my body, so emotional. " What a great song. I like Bumble bees, My oh my and Barbie girl, but this one sure is the top one song of Aqua. A

I'm on a ride, On a ride I'm a passenger. I'm a victem of a hot love messenger! - SmoothCriminal

I loved this song from school, and love it now.
thank you, I love you all

6 Cartoon Heroes

Legendary music. Musi world would be dry without this song. I mean, the lyrics and sound. Just fun!

7 Doctor Jones

one of my childhood song's - MatrixGuy

This song kicks "Barbie Girl" in the face in terms of awesomeness.

8 Back from Mars
9 Back to the 80's
10 My Mamma Said

The Contenders

11 Viva Las Vegas
12 Around the World

It is my favorite song 'cause it makes my day. I love with this song.

13 Happy Boys and Girls
14 Good Morning Sunshine
15 How R U Doin?

This is the only song that is worth listening to! - alexbesingue

16 We Belong to the Sea

This song sounds really good while others may sound quite kiddish... This ones soothing.

17 Playmate to Jesus
18 Aquarius
19 Jungle Song V 1 Comment
20 Bumble Bees

Truly rocking song, Awesome!

This song desreves top 3

1. Bumble Bees
2. Roses Are Red
3. My Oh My

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