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1 We Can Make It!


This song is wonderful!!


This song is the symbol of group's unity! It's the best!

Arashi arashi for dream.

They are the best

Arashi is best!

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3 5x10

This song is very meaningful. The lyrics tells their story about the past 10 years. - annahayashi

I think it is a good platform to show what the Japan really is.

I love 5� - 10!!
I love ARASHI very much.

Their feelings are full of it.We regard this song as themselves.I love it and never regret.
ARASHI is the best for me.

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4 Step and Go
5 Troublemaker

Happy and fun.

6 Mada Minu Sekai E
7 La Tormenta
8 Truth
9 Be With You
10 One Love

So sweet, so cute~~~My first time heard about ARASHI is one love~~~

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11 Everything
12 Blue

Such a calming song that is not well-known but definitely amazing! Love Nino's voice and all the instruments soft sounds!

13 Fight Song

This is dedicated to all the people in the world who see the it in the eyes of pessimism. Despite of its very simple lyrics, this song has a very deep meaning and that is to keep on struggling and fighting no matter how cruel life is.

14 Morning Light
15 Niji (Ninomiya Kazunari)

Kazunari's song is beautiful♡
Kazunari is sing very well!

16 Boku Ga Boku No Sebete
17 Face Down
18 Dare Mo Shiranai
19 Subarashiki Sekai

A very beautiful yet deep song. I love it! It is sad that the PV was cancelled, I bet it would sell a high number if JE sold it now.

20 Story
21 Endless Game
22 Ashita No Kioku
23 Monster
24 Miles Away
25 Dear Snow
26 Doko Ni Demo Aru Uta
27 Lotus
28 Life
29 Summer Splash!
30 Bittersweet
31 Beautiful Days
32 Guts!
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1. Everything
2. Story
3. Boku Ga Boku No Sebete
1. 5x10
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3. Truth
1. We Can Make It!
2. A.RA.SHI.
3. Step and Go

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