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1 Pac-Man

Pac-Man. enough said.

2 Donkey Kong

The reasons that I like donkey kong because it was the first arcade game that Mario appeared in he changed his name from jumpman to Mario and Pauline was first love interest and it's been around since I was born and I believe it's the number one arcade game

Started the mario franchise

3 Space Invaders

I thought it was on atari 2600

4 Pong
5 Galaga
6 Frogger
7 Mortal Kombat ll

This is the best game ever hands down!

8 Dig Dug

I love dig dug it's very easy and fun

9 Tetris

It's really upsetting to see today's arcades lacking so much in puzzle games such as this timeless gem. I could play Tetris for hours! - Entranced98

10 Mortal Kombat

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? Wild Gunman

"You mean you have to use your hands? "
"That's like a baby's toy! "

for those who get this reference Kudos to you - christangrant

? Pole Position II Pole Position II

The Contenders

11 Galaxian
12 Dr. Mario
13 Killer Instinct
14 Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi will grip you in a compelling adventure. - refep

15 Asteroids
16 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

The best video game. It has the weirdest villains, best soundtrack, and most Michael Jackson like goal-save the children that are tied up in corners. The classic white suit and fedora outfit appears in this and when there are multiple players, there are different colors. It is so entertain because it is both fun and hilarious. Best dance breaks! - Coatsy

17 Lunar Lander
18 Altered Beast
19 Q*bert
20 Pole Position
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1. Pac-Man
2. Donkey Kong
3. Frogger
1. Galaga
2. Pac-Man
3. Donkey Kong
1. Galaga
2. Mortal Kombat ll
3. Pac-Man

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