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21 Robotron: 2084
22 Joust

You'll only realize how many quarters you lost AFTER playing this game! - refep

23 Paperboy
24 Dance Dance Revolution

My favorite!

Still a huge fan of this fun little game. Such a shame I don't see many DDR machines in arcades nowadays (I blame the chavs who randomly jump around on them and break the arrow buttons). Luckily I have a couple of PS2 versions so I can still enjoy it whenever I want to. - Entranced98

25 Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

Good Game - VideoGamefan5

26 Breakout
27 Battlezone
28 Centipede

This game is my favorite arcade game, and the box is not creepy on the Sega dreamcast box which is creepy on the Q*bert PlayStation box.

29 Dragon's Lair

A game where making decisions controls the ending. Sounds great. But do you know of any modern console games like that? - Skullkid755

30 Berzerk
31 Street Fighter II

This game was insanely popular when I was 10 years old. I remember kids dropping $20 in half an hour on this game. That says a lot! They must have made millions.

32 Defender
33 Ms. Pac-Man
34 Metal Slug 3

Come on! Only 39? And where is snow bros? - enzocarranza

35 Mappy

Of Course, mappy is the best! - CasinLetsGoBowling

Mappy is the best

36 Burger Time

I think that it is cool

37 Tempest

Tempest is so addictively fun, it should be way higher on the list. - NuMetalManiak

38 Time Crisis
39 NBA Jam
40 Daytona USA

Wish there were more cabinets around nowadays - I was once lucky enough to find one in excellent condition and dumped like five credits in it in a row. - Entranced98

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