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1 Doomsday Machine

Just with Nemesis and My Apocalypse is enough to say that this is the best Arch Enemy album and it has the best songs of Arch Enemy too so this album deserves obviously the number one in the list

2 War Eternal

I'm not sure if it also tops Doomsday Machine, but at least their second best record! Awesome! - Flav

I love Angela Gossow, but this is Arch Enemy's best album! - MetalDisciple

3 Anthems of Rebellion

Some about a real of music. Hell yeah! !

4 Will to Power

My second favourite Arch Enemy album after War Eternal. Reason To Believe is a masterpiece. - Rockmusic22

5 Wages of Sin

What the...? Can anyone explain to me, why is this masterpiece so low?

6 Stigmata
7 Black Earth

Bury Me an Angel is their best song. - Caleb9000

Soul crushing, sky shattering wall of sound kinda left when the chick got in. black earth probably one of the best melodeath albums of all time. now they might as well be metalcore or some other popy half assed posthardcore dung. idolatress/fields of desolation probably the best.

8 Burning Bridges
9 Khaos Legions

I like every song in this album. that's why I voted for this one. - jabrane

10 Rise of the Tyrant

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11 The Root of All Evil
12 Tyrants of the Rising Sun: Live in Japan
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1. Doomsday Machine
2. War Eternal
3. Burning Bridges
1. Anthems of Rebellion
2. Khaos Legions
3. War Eternal
1. Stigmata
2. Doomsday Machine
3. Black Earth

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