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1 Nemesis

Epitome of what Arch Enemy is all about. Awesome guitar riffs, amazing solos and melodies, powerful lyrics and intense drumming.

Superb song and the drums I start getting mad when I listen to the son. Were are nemesis superb chorus and good work.

The best song by arch enemy and even more by watching the video there is no doubt about this.

Hands down their best song!

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2 War Eternal

It should be at least in 3 top! Why 18?! Perfect riff, perfect vocal, perfect solo!

On the rise. The current number 18 on the list, I wonder where this stands some time from now.

My favorite song, it's got such a cool beat and sometimes it maybe catchy.

The best AE song

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3 My Apocalypse

This song is waayy better than nemesis. I love the intro it's so good. Nemesis is still good though. My apocalypse is just betta.

this song has the BEST SOLO EVER. listen to it before voting other songs.

Angela Godspeed lyrics really shine and this song has amazing guitar rifts!

Best Arch Enemy song!

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4 We Will Rise

Why is this not at no.2 after nemesis?

Crazy stuff! The lyrics is as the title suggests. Amazing riffs and chorus.

Very good vocal from angela again and very good guitar riffs

Love DIS RIFF *EARGESMS* - youriv

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5 You Will Know My Name

Great song which proves that Alissa is a good choice after Angela left the band. I mean Angela was the queen, but with this song Alissa must have convinced everyone who doubt about her that she is the right crown princess

The melodic burst and emotional uprising is what makes this song absolutely the best among them all.

This is awesomeness in its pure form. - Flav

6 The World is Yours

I cried when I listened to this song for the first time

I love the way she spreads her body in the music video. It's like she's spreading herself on my big negro cock.

7 Bloodstained Cross

The melodic part is awesome, incredible really

One of the best guitar solo and cords ever.

The song with best riff

This song is wild, riffs, melodics, voice!, And lyrics oooh yeah!,the lyrics!

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8 Ravenous

This one is definitely one of the three most kickass songs in the world. This brought me to listening to melodeath bands and later to death metal, even if I hated it before

The reason why I started listening to this band, and still the song that I like the most. But hearing it live was the most chilling sensation I have ever had in my life, absolutely brutal.

I can't stop listening to this song since it has been published..

They are the reason why I started listening to melodeath,.

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9 Enemy Within

This MUST be on the top 3. The intro is insanely awesome, as is the rest of the song.

Guys... can't see how this isn't number 1. All what AE is about is found here.

Savage. That is all.

A joke this isn't number 1.

10 Dead Eyes See No Future

I loved how it sounds so... So viking-like... I imagined my self in the woods with fog all around me and my prey is hiding in the mist trying to seek to chance to attack me yet I didn't let my guard down... That's why iloved this song which moved my imagination!

Real good aggressive riff...

And the drum solo in between is class!

Even the name gives me chills. It has clever lyrics and amazing vocal from gossow. This should be at the top three.

Awesome song, with genius bridge, great vocals and a good combination of hard riffs.

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11 No More Regrets

Such an amazing song, unbelievable.

Awesome song

Superb! Real awesome guitar riffs and solos and coll vocals what else do you want!

12 Burning Angel

Come on... This one deserves number 2 or at least 3...i hear the god's voice with this song

Among all those mentioned before, this one is the best

Best Song of Wages Of Sin

13 Taking Back My Soul

47? This song includes one of the best riffs in music history. Proud of you boi!

14 Carry the Cross

Slower style song but just as great.

Love this song.

15 Yesterday is Dead and Gone

This Song Could Be One Of The Best 5 Songs... Great Guitar Riff, Amott-Brothers's Guitar Solo, Angela's Dangerous Scream Vocal, Sharlee's Cool Bass Playing Style, Daniel's Hard Drum Playing Style, also for all supporting cast in MV... That Should Be True That This Song Could Be One Of The Best 5 Songs...

How is this not at least top 3?

Should be top 5

Best AE song!

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16 Revolution Begins

It must be under top 3... Whats are you thinking?.. Must listen to this song before voting... My top 3 are 1. Nemesis 2. We will rise 3. Revolution begins - arijit(hawk)

The intro is epic, the melody is epic, the song is just epic. Should be in the top 3 at least, how can you just ignore the riffs and what not.

Is this a joke? This song has best riff and verse and the drumspeed is shaking your soul must be on top 3

Beautiful song.

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17 As the Pages Burn

Come on people! This song deserves at least top 10. It has an awesome melody, and the solo is just flawless! The vocals is also good as always.

Love the lyrical content!

18 No Gods, No Masters

This is the whole package! Combines some of AE's best songwriting with some of their greatest lyrics to create a thrilling atmosphere. In my opinion their very best song!

By far the best...catchy beat, heavy metal thunder sound

This is the best Arch Enemy sonG1 It has an epic chorus and a feel-good intro.
Masterpiece! Angela rules!

It shouldn't be 18 :| whatever... the riff is super awesome

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19 The Immortal
20 Beast of Man

We need more of the classical arch enemy, because it just kicks current arch enemy's (the one with white-gluz's) ass.

Epic riffs, furious vocals, one of the best from old school AE - DomoDaisuki

This must be at the top 10. A song from the first vocalist, Liiva must be on the top 10. This is an amazing song with great intro, clever lyrics and energetic chours. (another Liiva song could be as good though, bury me an angel, demonic science etc. But this is just something else.)

21 End of the Line

It is so amazing my all time favorite Arch Enemy song

Wats dis song doing way down here

Awesome song like usual

22 My Shadow and I
23 Under Black Flags We March

This song is awesome and should be at least in the top 3. Much better than We Will Rise, My Apocalypse and Nemesis. This song really deserves much more attention.

This is my favorite Arch Enemy song.

Not in top 10? This is an awesome song!

Shameful this is so low... top 3 all day.

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24 Blood on Your Hands
25 The Eagle Flies Alone

The song that got me into Arch Enemy. Brilliant!

One of the first songs I ever listened to!

Their best song woth no doubt! Love the guitar work

I don’t consider this band to be death metal anymore not to say I don’t like it.

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26 I Am Legend / Out for Blood

I'll admit that my favourite Arch Enemy song changes pretty much daily, but at the moment I'd say:

1. I Am Legend / Out For Blood
2. In This Shallow Grave
3. Night Falls Fast
4. Taking Back My Soul
5. Vultures

This must be the number one. I adore this song

Breakdown at the end is epic

this is the best song of a.e in my opinion

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27 Silent Wars
28 I Will Live Again

This was one of the first songs that I listened to that got me stuck on Arch Enemy. I think this should should at least be in top 15.

29 Stolen Life

An amazing song should be in higher ranking

30 Dark Insanity

By far the best, amazing nobody voted for this one.

31 Secrets

Actually I'm listening to thsi song right now and I can't belive it ain't way higher it's a really good song just listen to it.

32 Avalanche

This song is pretty good. solos and vocals are amazing

In my opinion the best and most dynamic song

You guys should listen to this definitely underranked song

33 Bury Me an Angel

You forgot to put the song that made arch enemy exist?
bury me an angel is a great song from many ways.
both liiva's and angela's vocals are good for it.
the lyrics are written thoughtfully, the guitars are arranged (i lose myself in that derere deerere deerere ree! part) thoughtfully.
it's such a good and special song, it upset me that it wasn't even on the list. (even if it was, it was way too behind others that I missed it, that's also sad.)

34 The Day You Died

This Song Could Be One Of The Best 5 Songs
It's one of my favorite song
The lyrics are so inspired by pain

"The day you died my tears ran dry
I can hear you, I can hear you echo in my soul
I failed you, I miss you so
The day you died, echoes in my soul... "

What I can't believe my eyes this song in rank 29 hell no should be in top 10 at least

So good and beautiful!

35 Silverwing

The beauty of death metal

The best Arch Enemy song without a doubt.

A staple AE song. A top listing without it just seems wrong

By far the best Arch Enemy song.

36 Fields of Desolation

Heavy weapon of a song.

37 Time Is Black

My favourite song off of War Eternal, has that ferociousness incorporated within Nemesis mixed with a symphonic feel to make it sound as epic as you can get. Alissa's voice sounds great here.

It should be the first

Love this one so much

38 The Race

The fact that this song is only a just recently released, and not a single keeps it from being any higher. Years from now this song will be remembered as one of the greatest Arch Enemy songs of all time. It may be considered to be one of the best metal songs ever.

Great song. It kicks ass!

39 Reason to Believe

Love this. Should be higher. Proves Alissa can sing normally and very well also. - Rockmusic22

40 Rise of the Tyrant

A great song that really suits the situation in my country

This is a great song!

41 Savage Messiah

Deserves number 1. Scary beginning and great vocals. The greatest song ever made by Arch Enemy.

This is a slow burning headbanger by them, the countryish guitar at the beginning and then the forceful stomp of the song absolutely kill

42 Leader of the Rats
43 Vengeance is Mine
44 Pilgrim
45 Intermezzo Liberté
46 Never Forgive, Never Forget

My favorite by this band

47 The Last Enemy

I don't think anyone can growl at a stretch for so long. Her vocals, the music.. I find this definitely needs to go Top10.

48 Symphony of Destruction
49 Bridge of Destiny
50 Burning Bridges
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