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41 Taking Back My Soul

47? This song includes one of the best riffs in music history. Proud of you boi!

42 The Last Enemy

I don't think anyone can growl at a stretch for so long. Her vocals, the music.. I find this definitely needs to go Top10.

43 Symphony of Destruction
44 Bridge of Destiny
45 Intermezzo Liberté
46 Burning Bridges
47 Time Is Black

My favourite song off of War Eternal, has that ferociousness incorporated within Nemesis mixed with a symphonic feel to make it sound as epic as you can get. Alissa's voice sounds great here.

It should be the first

48 Never Forgive, Never Forget V 1 Comment
49 Thorns in My Flesh
50 The World is Yours
51 Diva Satanica

If it's pure metal and power you are after, this is it!
Crazy lyrics, genuine thrash dwarfs Nemesis!

52 Dead Bury Their Dead
53 Machtkampf

This is absolutely the greatest Arch song ever! It's super underrated since when I posted this comment it was right at the bottom. In my opinion this song, Nemesis, We Will Rise, I Am Legend/Out For Blood and Savage Messiah should be at the top - PsychoSandman33

This is the best AE song I've heard. The aggression an catchiness is unexplainable

54 Eureka

Just amazing. Nothing more to say.

55 Behind the Smile
56 My Shadow and I
57 Dehumanization
58 Angelclaw
59 Instinct
60 Cosmic Retribution

The intensity of Johan Liiva combined with the technical prowess of the band in more recent years

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