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41 Time Is Black

My favourite song off of War Eternal, has that ferociousness incorporated within Nemesis mixed with a symphonic feel to make it sound as epic as you can get. Alissa's voice sounds great here.

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42 Never Forgive, Never Forget V 1 Comment
43 Diva Satanica

If it's pure metal and power you are after, this is it!
Crazy lyrics, genuine thrash dwarfs Nemesis!

44 Dead Bury Their Dead
45 Pilgrim
46 Eureka

Just amazing. Nothing more to say.

47 Taking Back My Soul
48 Angelclaw
49 Instinct
50 Cosmic Retribution

The intensity of Johan Liiva combined with the technical prowess of the band in more recent years

51 Snowbound

Single most beautiful metal song ever. Also love I will live again, nemesis, my apocalypse, revolution begins, bloodstained cross, carry the cross, dead eyes see no future, ravenous and burning angel

52 Vultures

People need listen to this song, really

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53 Exist to Exit V 1 Comment
54 The First Deadly Sin

One of the best songs. It deserves among top 10. Superb beginning and a great solo.

55 Demonic Science

One more amazing song from arch enemy. especially that "DEMONIC! SCIENCE! " part. I love how Angela sang this one, Liiva was good too, though. I think this list needs to recognise the songs from Liiva's era, they are the first songs and the first true identity of Arch Enemy, I love their lyrical style, they need to be praised.

56 Behind the Smile
57 Down to Nothing

By far the best song on War Eternal. Heavy down to the bone, kickass riffs, starts off meaning business and carries that same attitude all the way through.

58 Dehumanization
59 Skeleton Dance
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