Best Architects (UK) Songs

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1 Doomsday

Dang. I love the guitar buildup in the beginning and how they bring about the choruses. Shivers every time I listen to it, truly one of their best songs. I'm so amazed at the work they've done on this album and how Tom seems to be intertwined in every song. So special. Keep it up, guys!

Kicks ass

Definitely the best one.

Just... WOW

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2 Gravedigger

Amazing song! Blegh

This song is so amazing oh my god. I love this song! This is the Best song of architects. This song deserved the first place of this top 10. This band is the best metalcore band for me and the album lost forever // lost together is the best album of architects, and my favorite album of all metal albums.

This should be in the top ten

Super song super band

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3 These Colours Don't Run

It's a difficult choice, but I think this is their best song. Incredible melodic guitar riffs mixed with Sam's agressive vocals. Just amazing.

Their Best - Fakol

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4 Memento Mori

"Memento Mori", this song is one of the best that I've ever heard, this song gathers all the elements of the album, the lyrics are the best in the album, the changes of rhythm are the best, Memento Mori starts with a peacefull and depresive atmosphere, and ends with a lot of force and the acceptation of Tom's fate, in my personal opinion this is my favorite song of the band, and I consider it the best of the band, the most personal song they've ever made

I will keep upvoting this every single day until it reaches #7. because Early Grave is a Very good song, but it's not in my top 10. - rujudan

This is Tom Searle's swan song. It definitely deserves to be in the top 5 at least. He was a fantastic songwriter instrumentally and lyrically, and will be greatly missed in the music world. Rest in peace.

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5 Naysayer

This song Is amazing and so powerful I love this song

The most architects song out there

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6 Hereafter

One of the best songs I have heard in years! U can really feel the emotion in Sam's voice.
Love it!

They have tons of great songs and the only reason this one gets my upvote is because 13th place is criminal for this song

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7 Gone with the Wind

This is the best Architects song out there in my opinion. The lyrics, the guitar, the vocals...everything is perfect. The first time I listened to this song I couldn't get over the breakdown. Other than that this song has so much meaning (which I found out when properly listening to it).
My top 3:
1. Gone With The Wind
2. Doomsday
3. Broken Cross

This is the best song from architects hands down. Deep lyrics. Heavy. Emotional. Pure adrenaline.

After I found out the meaning of the song it made my cry. It got deep lyrics.

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8 Gravity

Best song they have ever made. Should be higher on the list

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9 Nihilist

So agressive, represents the band perfectly and what they stand for.

Great lirycs, great bass, just great!

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10 Royal Beggars UListen to Sample

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11 Early Grave UListen to Sample
12 Broken Cross

Best breakdowns they have written

The sound is so agressive I love this song

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13 Follow the Water

Song rips - Dog_950

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14 A Match Made In Heaven

The guitar riff, the soaring chorus, that music video, the impact of this song... This song is simply perfect - gravy




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15 Devil's Island UListen to Sample
16 Alpha Omega UListen to Sample
17 Day in Day Out UListen to Sample
18 Numbers Count for Nothing UListen to Sample
19 Hollow Crown UListen to Sample
20 Colony Collapse UListen to Sample
21 Death is Not Defeat UListen to Sample
22 Unbeliever UListen to Sample
23 Downfall

One of the best Live Tracks!

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24 From the Wilderness UListen to Sample
25 Dethroned UListen to Sample
26 The Distant Blue

This needs to be the best song of Architects.

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27 A Wasted Hymn UListen to Sample
28 Heartburn

This song should be 2 or 3 cause it's just so great and hard not to love. Great for all people

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29 The Empty Hourglass

What is this doing at the bottom?! are you Deaf?

Top 20 for sure! - rujudan

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30 Daybreak UListen to Sample
31 Modern Misery

HOW IS THIS NOT ON HERE. One of my favorite songs of all time. Sam's vocals are perfection

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32 In Elegance UListen to Sample
33 Feather of Lead UListen to Sample
34 C.A.N.C.E.R. UListen to Sample
35 North Lane

The song that inspired the band Northlane to take their name - gravy

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36 Phantom Fear UListen to Sample
37 Deathwish

Can we combine the votes of deathwish #37 with Deathwish #38 pelase?! - rujudan

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38 Dead Man Talking UListen to Sample
39 Red Hypergiant UListen to Sample
40 All Love is Lost UListen to Sample
41 Damnation UListen to Sample
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