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1 Whatever People Say I Am That's What I Am Not

This is obviously the best album.
The songs are so catchy and full of energy. Favourite worst nightmare is also pretty good but I bet that you look good on the dancefloor, mardy bum, a certain romance are all basically perfect songs. Few albums have so many brilliant songs on them.

This album is a close to perfect as anyone will ever get. Every song is just so electrifying and captivating. Everything from the vocals, to the lyrics, to the instruments are so hard-hitting and sharp. This is one of the only albums I've ever listened to where I love every single song on it. Classic British album, one of the best in the world.

One of the greatest albums of all time!

The best debut album of all time, even ahead of Definitely Maybe. Only criticism is the fact that some of their strongest early work such as Leave Before The Lights Come On and Cigarette Smoker Fiona were not included.

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2 Favourite Worst Nightmare

There are some great tracks on 'Whatever People Say I Am...", and they're the ones that made me a Monkeys fan, but their second album is incredible. With most artists, I enjoy a couple of songs on the album, but this one I could play on loop all day. There's not a single song I truly dislike. The tone and energy are perfect. I wish their newer music sounded a bit more like their classic albums.

Something I love about this album is that, although it was a very quick follow up to the debut, it doesn't feel rushed. There's such a cheeky feel to this alum as well. There's so much energy and feeling into this as well. I love how sexually tinged some of these tracks are as well, although they may not be very sexual topics. It just adds to the overall atmosphere to the album. Stellar sophomore effort.

A great second album! They had a hard task on their hands to follow with their second album, their first album was a masterpiece, but this album is an amazing follow up to the first!

I love this album so much most of the fans say Humbug is the Best but I think this is the best

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3 Humbug

What?! This is such an underrated album! It was an experiment but what an experiment it turned out to be! This is by far my favourite album. it shows how much variety they're capable of! It shows their versatility and also that they're making music just for the sake of making music and not for commercial success or anything. this is a really brilliant album. it's genius

All of the first eleven songs on this album are great.

This album was awesome shouldn't be last. - OasisFeelsLove

The best, I come every time I hear crying lighting

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4 AM

On AM, the Arctic Monkeys seem to combined all of their previous albums into one unique and smooth sounding album. You can hear elements of their first two records with the hard-hitting instruments and tongue-twisting lyrics, and the smoothness and maturity of their two previous records. This is definitely the Arctic Monkeys at their most skilled and mature. The developed a new sound I've never really heard before, and its great. The riffs and just the instruments in general on this album have such simplicity to them that not many bands can pull off as well as Arctic Monkeys. Alex Turner's vocals on this album are unlike I've ever heard from any male singer before as well. Everything on this album is cohesive and smooth. It all works. One of the best albums of the century so far.

'Do I Wanna Know' and 'No. 1 Party Anthem' are just amazing, as are all the other tracks on this outstanding album. I really think it deserves top place. Love the monkeys!

To everyone who says that 'Whatever People Say I Am' is there best album you're not wrong, but you're basically saying that an innovative band like the Arctic Monkeys haven't improved one bit since their debut, which is why 'AM' is truly the point where the Arctic Monkeys have reached their pinnacle sound.

Awesome album!

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5 Suck It and See

Although it wasn't their strongest, it definitely deserves to be much higher than this. Suck it and See gives you such a warm and happy feeling when you listen to it, a feeling that I haven't got from any of their other albums. You can definitely tell Alex Turner was in love when he wrote this, and you can feel it too. There's no way you can't feel joyful after listening to any of the songs on this album. Lyrically, this was a huge turning point for the Arctic Monkeys and Alex Turner in particular. The metaphors in this album are unreal (i.e. "You're rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock.", "She's thunderstorms lighting up my world.", etc.). I wish more AM fans would give this album a chance because it's a truely amazing and captivating album.

I remember a friend of mine telling me how bad this album was. So I went into it with low expectations. Overall I really enjoyed this one. I think it deserves the #2 spot. - ITzys

Listen to it many times and you will understand that it gives you a warm feeling and you will very satisfied at the end.

Very underrated, love every other album but this has to be my favourite

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6 Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Amazing album honestly. Not a fan of Golden Trunks, but everything else is pretty good

It may not be the best, but it's a really engaging change in sound and a brilliant listen for me. The title track is a definite highlight for me.

I love this album! It takes some listening to appreciate it fully, but when you do it takes you on a journey

I had lots of mixed thoughts about this album at first but now I love it! The lyrics are very well though out as well as the music. It shows Alex Turner's true creativity. My favorite will always be W.P.S.I.A.T.W.I.N. but this isn't far behind. - Slipperyjack40

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7 Who the F*** Are Arctic Monkeys?
8 Beneath the Boardwalk

The best there is, need to get the original riot van in there

9 Five Minutes with Arctic Monkeys
10 Artic Monkeys: At the Apollo

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11 Scummy Man

love it

12 Itunes Festival: London 2011
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