Top Ten Best Areas of Science

Science is everywhere, and I mean, everywhere. Matter is science. Oxygen is science. Food is Science. Even Air conditioning is science. Though, all of them are different kinds of science. Which one do you like best?Cj

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1 Physics

Once you get into it in detail, you will never come out. Jump into the black hole of wonders and fascination, and jump in now, away from anything holding you back!

Physics is the absolute best; nobody can argue with it. When you compare the three main sciences, Physics always come out on top.
One can judge which of the main sciences to choose by what they do to you:
Physics makes you do work,
Chemistry makes you react,
Biology makes you throw up!

Physics is a cool revolution and has the most power than the other sciences. It is in everyday and in things might not expect as well. It is interesting and fast so long as it is use proper. It seems to be the most dangerous of science as well in some departments or subdivisions with Physics. - iliescu

The field of Physics love patterning and new waves of technology from recollection as well. - iliescu

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2 Biology

The best subject is English. Then Math. Then excluding Theoretical Physics and Astronomy...

I love the concept of Psychology and get fascinated whenever I hear about it but no nothing about it.

Physics and Chemistry

Social Studies is pretty cool, especially Human Geography
And Engineering is da bomb, yo!

Life depends on Biology. Biology is not utter confusion like the other sciences. Biology is the best.

Think about it...Biology explains how life works.

Think about it,... We need physics for progress, but we need life sciences for survival, for medical advances,... We expanded life with the advancement of medicine,... Long life = more discoveries,... More physics... therefore - Biology > Physics+Chemistry+Astronomy

Because he]

3 Chemistry

Chemistry is the subject where we get to do a lot of labs. Extremely interesting.


4 Astronomy

I was torn between astronomy and physics, but since I believe the future of human society lies in traveling through space (and possibly time) the importance of astronomy will grow exponentially over the next few years.

Astronomy combined with Physics is what can tell us how our world is really working, our Universe is working with everything on it, this way I think it is the greatest area of science - MatrixGuy

Only No.4? Should be number 1! Astronomy is so underrated but it is actually an amazing subject! - HollyRolo

Space is cool - ZachAttack

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5 Psychology

Psychology IS a science as a matter of fact. For all those arguing, psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. - Beatlesboy9

This list should only be of real sciences. Psychology is not a real science.

So interesting! It's almost like a scientific way to read the mind! - AngryByrd

1. Psychology
2. Chemistry
3. Physics
4. Biology
5. Astronomy
This is my personal list. Obviously not everyone can agree with it. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

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6 Zoology

Best because involves animals

7 Geology

Geology is the most important science. Anyone that says different can suck it!

8 Paleontology

Paleontology pieces together how animals lived before humans evolved so it is extremely important in taxonomy, evolution, anatomy and they get to build 15m long theropods for free without maths!

I'm at UofM studying it now - FreshPrince48

9 Anatomy/Physiology

So amazing! Funny how some people don't know about their own body! So fun and great to help injuries!

10 Forensic Science

cool beans

The Contenders

11 Astrophysics

Physics used to discover astronomy!

The two best sciences combined into one - Seventies-Music-Fan

12 Computer Science

Best Logical Applied Science of All Time Interact with Mathematcs And Physics which makes its Awesome

13 Meteorology
14 Ecology
15 Cosmology
16 Mathematics

How can it happen?
No one added this item before
Math is mother of all sciences


17 Technology

Why technology is at 15,without tech we can't do anything no T.V.,mobiles etc everything is depending on tech all the researches labs etc.

It is best

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18 Marine Biology
19 Human Biology
20 Hydrology
21 Neurology
22 Quantum
23 Botany

Study of plants

24 Oceanography
25 Gemmology
26 Economics

Don't forget! All sciences made by people for this science.

27 Relativity
28 Electromagnetism
29 Nuclear Physics
30 Xenoarchaeology
31 Paleobotany

Undisputed champion of science. All other scientific fields are a joke...

32 Redstonology (Minecraft)
33 Anatomy
34 Biochemistry

My two favorite... combined!

35 Microbiology
36 Cartography
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1. Astronomy
2. Physics
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1. Astronomy
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3. Zoology

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