Best Argentine Soccer Players

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21 Juan Riquelme

How could this man not be on the list

The best number 10 of last 20 years

I'm a River Plate fan, but this man must be top 5

Best playmaker in the football history

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22 Osvaldo Ardiles

Your an idiot then. Awesome skill player, top 15 easy

Better than Messi definitely gets my vote

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23 Hugo Porta
24 Nery Pumpido
25 Nicolás Otamendi

He should be rated higher rated

26 Luis Artime

Terrible monkey in a suit could do a better job

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27 Paulo Dybala Paulo Dybala Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Italian club Juventus and the Argentina national team.

Why he is not in the team?

He should be 5 and di maria 6

28 Jose Sanfilippo
29 Daniel Passarella Daniel Passarella Daniel Alberto Passarella is an Argentine retired footballer who played as a centre back, and former manager of the Argentina and Uruguay national football teams.
30 Leopoldo Luque
31 Pablo Aimar

I'm in agreement with that guy. Those of you lucky enough to have watched this guy play on a regular basis will appreciate just how good he was. I saw him play against Arsenal in the champions league when he was at Valencia, he made them guys look silly. His vision and passing were second to none.

I agree one of my favorite player.

Aimar is a big man...only person watched him know what he is.

32 Javier Saviola

An absolute legend. Top twenty for sure. When he use to play for river plate he truly showed what a great player he was going to become.

33 Juan Sebastian Veron
34 Lucas Lobos
35 Ubaldo Fillol
36 Hugo Gatti
37 Rodrigo Palacios

He has incredible skills and fast he is one of the best in the world he needs to quit inter and go to barca

38 Ricardo Bochini

The greatest attacking midfielder in Argentinean history and Maradona's idol.

39 Rogelio Funes Mori
40 Gustavo Dezotti

Dezotti, Is one of the best Argentina produces over years, he was a great striker.

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