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21 Better Left Unsaid Better Left Unsaid

This is one of my favourite songs ever! Go on YouTube and watch her preform it live, she dances amazingly in some KILLER heels!

Great Song. Great Refrain and Lyrics Great Beat.

Definitely catchy, something you wouldn't get tired of after listening to it for 2 months

I can hear God in this song. I can hear God.

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22 Die In Your Arms

This song just really shows off Ariana's vocal range and what she can do. The mood it creates is amazing. Would love to hear more like this.

The way she is so creative with the song is so amazing

Better than Justin Bieber

Better than real singer

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23 Emotions

When I first heard that song, I understood what a great vocalist Ariana is.

The song is great. And her whistle notes are just amazing.

She's just the little version of Mariah.. Her voice is absolutely flawless and those whistle notes gosh... Incomparable... All and all she's amazing..

That was a great cover of Mariah Carey's song. - ToukaKirishima

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24 Grenade

This song should definitely be #1 this is Ariana's best song. I love you Ariana Grande

I love it because she sings it so calmly it's so BRILLIANT MUSIC

I used to hate her but after hearing this song I love her

Female version of Bruno mars

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25 Santa Tell Me Santa Tell Me

Love Santa tell me it's Christmas it's new what more could you have

Haha love this song her voice is so sexy

I learned the song just by listening it on the radio

I love the vevo video on YouTube.

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26 Last Christmas Last Christmas

It's so hard to take a classic song that everyone knows and loves and make it like your own. I think Ariana did that with Last Christmas.

Taylor swifts version suddenly doesn't sound so impressive

I love the last one minute. It's been done very nicely.

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27 Only 1 Only 1

It's a great song, it gives that Ariana vibe

My personal favorite song from Ariana. Her vocal run in the chorus is absolutely eargasmic.

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28 Only Girl In the World
29 Why Try

Definitely should be number 1. It's the most beautiful song from Ariana yet it doesn't get much attention.

I think this is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's got everything. Her voice sounds perfect in this. - princeRio

Definitely should be in the top 10. Such a meaningful and emotional song

This song is the best! Too much emotion.

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30 Snow In California Snow In California

Lovely song. Should be way higher in the list

This song is so underrated

Who sings this song

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31 Be My Baby

Cashmere Cat's production and Ariana's vocals = amazing!

This is literally my favorite song! I can play this song all day long... Why 32?!

This song is so catchy. , I love it and I hope you like it too

Stunning song, one of the best of My Everything

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32 Love Is Everything Love Is Everything

She sings great in this song.

She nailed it. Period.

Wow yeah is the best

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33 You'll Never Know You'll Never Know

Love this song :-) :-) so catchy love her voice (my name is Ariana to)

This song deserves more attention.. This is definitely Ariana at her best.

I love Ariana Grande this is my favorite song

Also a well-written song unlike Focus for which I have no words...

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34 Bad Decisions Bad Decisions

I love this song because it was written by Ariana Grande

The vocals are amazing, it's a great song one of her best

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35 Vienna

I think Ariana did amazing on this cover of Billy Joel's "Vienna. " She sings it beautifully.

This is the best ever! It's a shame I can't get it on iTunes, I miss Ariana's old voice because the way she sang this song was amazing!

It isn't her song, but she did a great cover of Billy Joel.

She sings this song beautifully.

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36 Give It Up Give It Up

No one knows her and Elizabeth gillies. They make beautiful duets together

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37 Side to Side Side to Side

This... like I couldn't stop singing this, like my family kept asking me to stop! Its such a good song although its about... ya know

I love how she used the reggae style, it's a great song and everything fits perfectly. Her voice, Nicki's rap, and the beat is amazing. It's truly a bop

Although she didn't preform it her best at the mtv music video awards it's a good song! She suits it!

Side 2 Side Sucks - VideoGamefan5

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38 Bang Bang Bang Bang

Cool song. Ariana's voice makes the song much more entertaining.

This is definitely her best song I'm absolutely addicted to it how is it not even in the top 15 I would have it at no1 if it was upto me but I don't get how it's only just in the top 25

I really love this song. It is amazing

Love this song

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39 Greedy Greedy

This song is incredible. It's so different to other songs in DW because it starts with so much energy and keeps going. This song shows why she is a singer and why she loves this. This is truly one of her best songs.

Half new, half old! Perfect, this should be sung in a theatre in a musical!

It's a mix of old and new songs -- very catchy and unique

Really good song, GREE-DAYYY, you know that I'm greedy for love!

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40 Santa Baby Santa Baby

Pretty good song, but I think Liz Gillies sings better in this song then ariana.

She is the best Christmas singer

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