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41 Moonlight

Despite the song was written about Ricky The Rat and not Sean like many of us believed, it is arguably her best ballad, perhaps not her best song, but I'd say it's neck-to-neck with Tattooed Heart.

Even though it got replaced with Dangerous Woman has the album title and her favourite song in DW. It's so romantic and it's great that Moonlight has harps as the instrument and it sounds great. I don't know why people stopped using them because they have so much romance in the sound!

I think ari is best

One of her best love songs

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42 Santa Baby

Pretty good song, but I think Liz Gillies sings better in this song then ariana.

She is the best Christmas singer

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43 Bang Bang

This is definitely her best song I'm absolutely addicted to it how is it not even in the top 15 I would have it at no1 if it was upto me but I don't get how it's only just in the top 25

Cool song. Ariana's voice makes the song much more entertaining.

Love this one

Love it!

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44 Boyfriend Material

I love this song, I was so excited when she finally released the studio version. :))

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45 Touch It

This song is amazingly catchy and I love the lyrics. Always on replay, I'm surprised why this song isn't in the top ten. The chorus stands out and uGHH this song is just perfect, I'll never get bored of it.


I love the song, the high notes and the deep lyrics, something makes you understand the lyrics and be sad about it,The chorus, the special vibe to it everything is so perfectit's like a little travel. My favourite song of Ariana Grande so far.I think he is really underrated

I love this song ��� -

46 Pink Champagne

It's really good it should be higher - Neolion

Yay! I love this song! - BunnyC

Why is this song so far behind?

It's a okay song

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47 Lovin' It

This song is so catchy! I love it, just go YouTube it and you'll like it too

This is SO catchy. How is is not at the top?

This song is so underrated. It is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites.

I love this song

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48 Do You Love Me?

Yess! I do love you and your acting on sam and cat it's so cool I wish I wold be like you one day hi I'm kayla W. and I WANT TO BE FAMOUS!

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49 You Don't Know Me

This is actually one of my favorite song of Ari! I can't stop listening to this song! GOOD JOB Ari..

This is her best song, it's so underrated though

Love the style, it's so unique!

Love this. Good Message.

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50 All My Love

This song is really good, and I loved that collaboration, the beat is amazing and her vocals fit perfectly good

No song can beat this. Why 47? This should be no. 1 of Best Songs of All Time! (Not to mention Best Ariana Grande Songs)

This song is A M A Z I N G! Major Lazer should do more song with Araina because they go together like bread and butter. This song is on repeat ALL THE TIME! All my love goes to this song. love you Ariana

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51 Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

When I hear this song I cry. The song is just so emotional! Should be a lot higher! Its about someone still loving them even though there cheating on!

This should be WAY WAY higher on the list. It's Ariana best and more meaningful song. And it was written by Harry Styles and its Larry so

Vocals and lyrics combine to make a beautiful, meaningful song.

This song is so underrated.
The lyrics are easy to understand, but there's no need to make them complicated.
I cried a few times back when I was listening to this song.

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52 My Everything My Everything

This is a very beautiful and deep song... Come on people she wrote this song for her grandfather and I think it is absolutely beautiful in so many words I can't describe it... Love you Ariana! -Frankie

For me, this would definitely come in second on the album after "Just a little bit of your heart" because I love ballads and they are two of ariana's most meaningful songs!

Definitely the best ballad in her album...


1. My Everything
2. Touch It
3. Greedy
4. Just a Little Bit of Your Heart
5. Problem
6. Honeymoon Avenue
7. Break Free
8. Be Alright
9. Be My Baby
10. Thinking Bout You

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53 Too Close

I can't understand why this song is only in target-exclusive deluxe edition. Should be higher than 10.

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54 Everyday

Should be way higher

I LOVE Everday, a great collaboration with Future

Super cool. (Jordyn Jones's favorite.)

Best song exept for this part la la la la la la

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56 Be Alright

I love this new track by Ariana Grande. Best singer ever should be in the TOP 10. DANGEROUS WOMAN IS READY TO SLAY!

It is comforting us to be alright even if finding love and life is a crazy challenge

Listening to it on repeat right now!

Why is this song so low on the list? This song is probably my favorite off the whole DW album. The lyrics are so positive and the instrumental is so pleasing to listen to. It's also pretty iconic in terms of the DWTour. This song is a bop that deserved more attention. In my opinion, those songs that are in the top 10 (problem, bang bang, etc) are nowhere near as good as these other songs on DW (be alright, touch it, sometimes, knew better/forever boy, thinking bout you, etc)

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57 Thinking Bout You

This song is beautiful. So emotional.

Amazing song. Her voice gives me the chills and the chorus kills me with goosebumps.

I feel like Ariana didn't try very hard in this song. It's just very weak for Ariana.

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58 Let Me Love You

It's a lot different to her previous songs but a very good song. Lil Wayne makes it better, but an interesting feature.

Love it

This a departure from her previous singles and it's the best... It should be released as the lead single... That line " just let me lo-o-o-o-o-o-ove you"... She sounds amazing...

59 You're My Only Shawty

This is the best song I ever heard even better when it ft Demi but then it means that Iyaz has 2 shawty's laugh out loud - Neolion

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60 Jason's Song (Gave It Away)
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