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61 I Have Nothing

Her version of this song is truly amazing and an wonderful tribute to the late Whitney Houston

She should make music with David Foster for real

62 All My Love - Ariana Grande

This song is just amazing. It's so different from her sound. I love her so much. I'm her biggest Arianator. I love you Ari!

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63 Boys Like You V 1 Comment
64 Knew Better / Forever Boy

Living this song, but is the long middle section too long? Too little ariana maybe?

That transition between Knew Better and Forever Boy killed me! love it! - leon_istratii

So much better than bad decisions

The Knew Better part is so god!

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65 December




66 True Love

Love this song, and the vibe it gives. One of my favorites from her Christmas & Chill EP.

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67 Voodoo Love

Great song, you should really listen to it. To bad she never released it as a single. I guess I just have to keep going to You Tube for the non studio recorded version.

I've never heard this song. Was it supposed to be the lead single of "My Everything"?

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68 Sometimes

This song is written so well, the beat and chorus is great and Ariana's voice is amazing as usual!

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69 Born This Way / Express Yourself Mashup

This is Ariana the vocalist at her best.

70 Zero to Hero - Hercules

Song in hecules

71 They Don't Know

I love this song it has yours truly vibes and reminds me of Ariana when she was small

72 Heatstroke
73 Get On Your Knees

Her vocals. Just. Wow.

What this is the best

Her vocals!

love this

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74 Bad Blood

Why isn't this here?

It's by Taylor Swift not Ariana Grande moron!

It's from Taylor swift lmaoo

75 Step on Up Step on Up
76 Wit It This Christmas
77 Adore

This song is so underrated but so good, my favourite ariana song by far

Even though this is a Cashmere Cat song, Ari's voice and presence are what make it amazing!

This song has the best vocals I've ever heard

Love this song!

78 Leave Me Lonely

In this song, Macy Gray and Ariana just click! And the vibe is so sexy and incredible. There's deep parts and really high parts and that's why it's so good. It shows two sides of Ariana. The really high part and the low part.

79 I Don't Care V 1 Comment
80 Don't Be Gone Too Long

An awesome duet with Chris Brown, super catchy, will one day be on top of that top 100 billboard, I just know it

Catchy, amazing, soulful, will be a chart topper one day.

I don't get why this song is ranked higher than A little bit of your heart.

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