Not by men, not by nuclear powers but by development of new military weapon, the German army is one of the best on the planet. They still are an important partner to USA and all other countries in the western world. As an enemy I rather fight the US Troops as an enemy, than the German forces, cause there is more known about them and their progress depends mostly on German technology. The Germans may have aquired stuff nowadays none knows about as it always was in their military history. So as an American citizen I go with Germany.

I am a German but I think that German army is good but they are not the best

Not a chance. lost both world wars and always get drunk before battle. more like the worst ever. I mean if I would join even though I wouldn't I would suffer a wound the most trusted officer would give me a bottle of German beer. if a US army with 946 men and the Germans would have 34,879 men the US would win the battle in 18 hours. there guards are always in a pub when the royals are captured by enemy troops. in 29 hours they would occupy Germany. imagine that. over 79 million people being occupied by less than 50,000 troops.

In their heyday the Germans were basically the inventors of all modern weapons we use the assault rifle the jet powered airplane the you Boat and attack and transport helicopters... Not to mention Dave had several of the greatest generals in military history and where the inventors of tactics that today are considered essential

The most disciplined armies is the best. Germans are one the most disciplined. They also are superior in machine building since the 2nd world war and world renown for it (ever heard of mercedes? ) They also have one of the best commandoes.

Britain 2nd? There is no colonial empire anymore, guys, even germany's army is better than overrated British army.

We have more men to recruit and we have more and better weapons!

Germany.. Is awesome.. For its military. - Pony

Germany has the third largest economy in the world and produces the some of the best guns in the world and has produced the best tank in the world the leopard 2.

Australia Admires the Germans for being knocked down and getting back up again, and using their strength for better causes. Happy to fight along Germany any day

A very strong and independent nation best military and willing to die for its country to prove you either fight a war till the end or you die

Germany is a very strong country with a very strong Air Force which means good air air support which means it is easier to move up. Germany IS AWESOME

They are not the biggest but they are the most clever and best equipped.

I love Germany because of his foot ball team

Leopard 2A6 is the best tank of Europe!

Germany is the BEST country of the World
With the best Army.

They have less people, but damn those TANKS!

Germany is the best " knowledge can be and always on the top"

1)Germany Was getting independence and was tied. The Prussian and germans are separate for awhile. 2)ww1, germans lost being outnumbered. 3)1939-1941, germans take france, poland, much of russia, and low countries. 4)1942, 1945, Germany loses with Americans and like the entire world happening to fight germany, 5)Germany is reunited.

Laugh out loud! Racist Nazis and retarded Gestapo... -

Pakistan is the best then china then germany

Germany is a great army cause they almost won world war two and were the most dangerouse army that time. And Germany alone was against England, Canada, France, USA, and Finland in world war 2, isn't that powerful. GDP is in the top ten. Also its cool bombs, I mean you got to put them at least first place.

Are Germany allowed to have a army? They don't exactly have the best track record of not trying to take over the world! Just saying :-D

1 vs 1 in two biggest world conflicts they proved that there is no one who can match them. Problem was, they never was 1 vs 1.

Germany almost won a world war just because amarica used atom bomb that's why I love Germany

Germany is the best European military around. It beats the UKs Air Force and maybe he navy. Taking out the fact that the EU has to limit Germany's power by taking away any chance of us having a large amount of nukes just because they are afraid of what we van do with it. I know and the EU knows of Germany had the chance to it would be easily one of the top 5 military superpowers in the world.