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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world.


India have best army in the world and best soldier who can face every condition and can live without eating and drinking for 3 day in the war.

Seriously? The country whose army always keep helping the terrorists and supplying funds to them are at a no. one position? I don't say all Pakistani people are our enemies but I do hate their government and army. According to most of the well researched website and GK books, India has the second largest army just after USA, so these publicly voted website doesn't matter. Harry Potter is the' second worst character' after Umbridge according to this website. So...

Indian army is the best and most powerful army in the world as compared to Pakistan. Because there are no any terrorism activity done by India. Any country who supports terrorism activity will show his Army power is very poor as compared to all over the world

Indian army are cowards because they have always attacked Pakistan with cowardly ways if you don't believe check the war histories between India and Pakistan

I think Ranking is nt depend upon the votes which are given on this website...

India is a great country with a glorious past and as an Indian I love my country more than any other, but unlike the Pakistani voters, I will not abuse any other country since war is futile and all I want is world peace.

Laugh out loud.. Pakistan 2nd? I think The Pakistan military desperately wants to be in Second Position, that they started posting personnel for posting online

Third largest Army in size, Best Army in terms of Bravery. Indian soldiers are the Tigers who rule Battlefield. Never afraid of dying. Keeping us all safe from the neighbours like Pakistan and China. Warriors with courage seen never before. Love Indian Army

Indian army's main aim is to promote international peace and for this cause they don't attack any country and have an army just to defend 1.3 billion people

India has a big navy, airforce and army too. We also have modernised weapons and we have intelligent people too just like the other armies have. Also we are a part of one of the only nine countries in the world to have nuclear power. Proud being an Indian!

India is the 4th most powerful country in the world. Pakistan is no where near as strong, India as billions of citizens while pakistan has no where near as much. I love india and pakistan but I don't see how pakistan is on the list.

Indian Army is one of the most Brave and have lot of confidence to win each battle at end of their life.

Pakistan lost 4 wars to India. While India, not a single one. India is one of the 6 countries with Hi-Nuclear defense technology and is secretly working on many Nuke projects. I still am wondering how Terrorist-an got up there!

Pakistan is not the bravest army, I remember Pakistan and India war on kargil war, you always lose the war with India the how can you be on the rank one. and you have less military people compared to India, in nuclear weapons also you are below us.

Indians kicked some arse without even having enough protective gear. It must be on the top list... At least above the Pakistan which doesn't have respect towards any one

3rd largest army and the country is thriving despite Pakistan and china being neighbors!

Let's not fight for who is best, let's fight for a good reason so that no country in the world should have any army to protect itself. I am Indian.

The Indian Army is one of the most respected Armies in the world.

We will not let stare to our motherland

We are always best than others don't say us cheater the world knows who are cheaters our neighbors are cheaters

It's the second largest army... And the indian army NEVER gives up no matter what unlike the US armed forces

worlds fourth largest army man... - chander007

It is officially the third largest army in the world and India is also acquiring various high tech weapons from countries and allies like japan and russia.

We are not part of the army just so that we can eat proper food but because we love our country and want to fight for it. Pakistan has never really won a war against India. Pakistan is lol. Pakistan has always tried to win battles for claiming Kashmir as their state but have you ever asked yourself whether Kashmir wants to join your country? Your own country is breaking up and your fighting to get our state. Indian army is better than Pakistan army

We have the 2 largest army, experienced and trained in all terrain be it desert, mountainous, coastal or oceanic. These Pakistani bastards have been attacking our homeland for years, that has made our army one of the most experienced one's in the world. Long live India. JAI HIND!

Sir you know what I think you need to wake up who started 1965 war who started 1971 war - MohsinAbbasi