Best Armies in the World

Which Army would win if they were all the same size? No nukes or chemicals.

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41 Armenian

I think armenias army is very powerful

The have a good army with strong commanders

The Armenian army created MiGs which in my opinion are better than Lockheed Martins cause they are cheaper than American jets and the MiG 35 foxbat is faster than any American jet according to Guinness world records + the
Armenian DIs have K-3 guns and Armenians have created an outdoor militarymuseum called mother Armenia which has a 22 meter statue
That looks like athena carrying a
Sword and in front of the statue their at all the tanks aircraft the Armenians have created and the how much Armenia cares of its army

42 Nigeria

They like Serbia but Stronker.

The Nigerians are the best people in the world. I went to Nigeria and they were starving, so they ravaged Benin and became richest country. Bes country.

Nigeria army is the best because they are the one that fight effectively and are able to curb the Boko haram issue.

Nigeria as being holding off treats longer than most countries most especially the BOKO HARAM threat Nigeria has really being handling it well and they should be given there own credits<<<...

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43 Belgium

I think belgium has a very good army and very well trained to encounter all the terrorists

44 Ukraine

During the invasion of Russia in Ukraine we had no army that could fight, so the people of Ukraine and the Government created the Army for 1 month, now our army destroys separatists, terrorists and soldiers from Russia. After the invasion of Russian terrorists in Ukrainian Donbass, men of Ukraine began to create special units to fight against the soldiers from Russia and to protect the territory of Ukraine, people from all over Ukraine helped to create such special units. "Donbass", "Azov", "Aydar", "Right Sector" most well-known special units. Army of Ukraine is most united (cohesive) army in the world. And our tanks will be among the first who will come to Moscow, because our tanks one of the best in the world.

Because the worlds most famous and powerful intercontinental missile "SATAN" is ukrainian production. We constructed world's biggest airplane "ANTONOV MRIYA" too. Haha

Biggest army central Europe with well trained troops (250k), huge potential in military production (world best tanks "Oplot", own aircraft & ship production). Very effective against Russia's invader.

If some one does still not noticed Ukraine actually kicked Russkies ass. And because the most well known tank in the world was made in Ukraine - T-34.

45 Malaysia

Malaysia the best army

Malaysia is the only team that defeated the komunies... American cash grabs and Britain. But ATM choose Britain as bonds of friendship that has for so long prevailed, but did you know that ATM has established a military school FORT BENNINGS? Here are the greatest military said SAS (Britain), followed by Malaysia (ATM) and American U.S. aRMY. Believe it or not?

If even us and uk train jungle warfare with Malaysian army what can I say more? Find carat Malaysia 2009 in YouTube if you don't belive me

MALAYSIA STRONK - Yapsoonyoung

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46 Greece

2007 Air force Red Flag winners in the U.S.A. constant dog fighting over the Aegean with the Turks keeps pilots fresh and highly trained. Defeated Turks when British and Australians were destroyed in Gallipoli. Special forces always in training around islands that have been threatened by Turkey.U.S. A, France and Germany provide us the best weapons.

Considering it exists with all its border/enemy countries they must be doing something right!

Small country but huge spirit!

Homecountry for lief. - PanagosBoi17

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47 Cyprus

Cyprus has one of the most trained armies in the world. Managed to hold up against the first Turkish invasion in 1974. If the Turks didn't broke the truce the would have never got into the island.

Cyprus owned the british and parmericarn forces in world war III

48 Jamaica

Jamaica will win by blasting Reggae music at Raul Castro's outhouse they call a mansion. He will die because Reggae is the best music of all time. Reggae will kill all of the US army. Raggae will also murder Mexico because those guys really like our music. All of Russia will die to our Reggae powers. Reggae is much better than bombs and nukes.

Is a good army but definitely not the best

49 Poland

For over 1000 years we do have Germany and Russia as a neighbors Isn't it good enough?.

Our army is growing!

Home Army '42 - '45 is telling everything.


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50 Serbia

How can Serbia be under countries such as Albania, and Kosovo which is not even a country? It's a part of Serbia. The Serbian army probably isn't the strongest one in the world but it's much better than a lot of the armies here.

The longest the capital Belgrade went without being attacked was 40 years. I read that about 10 years ago. Can you say that about any other euro city? These guys have been fighting wars forever...

The Serbian army shouldn't be messed with. They are supposedly the strongest army in the Balkans and it has the ability to conquer the nations around it. Since the breakup of Yugoslavia, Serbia has regained it's former military might (Yugoslavia's) and in that time Yugoslavia's army was one of the strongest in Europe During the Cold War. Even though Yugoslavia has broken up and the nations army has been the divided, the technology and weaponry has remained with the Serbian people and let's not forget Arkan's tigers, a deadly paramilitary team made by famous Serbian criminal Zeljko "Arkan" Raznatovic. After Spetsnaz, these guys come in.

Serbian artillery is led by God. Kosovo is Serbia! - StephanTheIdiot

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51 Sweden

It may be one of the strictest country in the world but has not gotten into any type of warfare since their last invasion by the some empire that thought it did be easy to take over, that was some 400 plus years ago and their still free of problems.

It may be one of the strictest countries in the world but has had no problems since Ottoman Empire tried to over take it, some 400 plus years ago and still no problem.

Sweden has one of the most motivated army. They are very strategic and loyal. Sweden would easily be at the top 5 if this was based on facts and not votes.

Great army and ready to attack.

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52 Netherlands

It may be the strictest country in the world but it has not been invaded by some empire that thought it did be easy to take over some 400 plus years ago, and since then no problem.

Not much men power and no tanks but still a very strong army with awesome alliances.

Small army but very professional. Better trained than most of their NATO allies - including the US.

The Netherlands have one of the best special forces in the world.

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53 Mexico

You don't get better by fighting against the sama problem everyday without terminating the problem you just learns more ways of failure

Okay let's get this clear. Mexico won a war against France and the Mexican army had only a little bit of soldiers.

They fight war every day that means they get better every day.

People loves you Mexico

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54 Gurkha

As the saying goes "If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha."

THEY are the bravest men in the world, nothing can counter that

Part of the British Army, they are recruited trained equipped and ran by the United Kingdom.

I don't even know this country, that's how good they are

Nepal Gorkha

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55 Lebanon

Arab world is always better but Pakistan is the best.

The best army in the world if we fight without weapons and its proven we got beats

No army better

He is the best without weapons

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56 Lithuania

Something between USA and Russia (I mean about training)

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57 Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has the strongest army in the Caucasian region right now. Government has strong ties with some of the 10 countries that export most weapons (Israel, Russia and Ukraine). Also, Turkey and Pakistan are allies of Azerbaijan.

Also Republic of Azerbaijan is a weapon manufacturing country

Azerbaijan is the best!

The Azerbaijani Army is one of the strongest, most highly-disciplined armies in the world and the leading in the region.

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58 Croatia

Throughout history, Croatian soldiers have proven to be more than adept at warfare. It's modern military, though lacking in manpower and resources, are extremely disciplined and well trained. It has worked along the US troops in Afghanistan and they have nothing but praise for them. A friend who serves with the US marines told me that they're awesome people and incredible soldiers. Because of that and Croatia's long war history, I think it deserves a higher place.

Croatian soldiers are one of the toughest on a planet, although this is small nation they are real fighters with long and quality tradition, Croatians fought under different flags through history

One of the most well prepared armies in Europe. Constantly joining NATO's actions in the world

Bravest soldiers in europe

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59 Kenya

Kenya should be somewhere in the list because it single handedly liberated Somalia marked by the capture of the strategic port of Somalia all within less then a year. Countries like USA deployed in numbers but failed to liberate yet the KDF with less than 8000 troops did the job

We dare the USA and Israel to combine forces and have the privilege of fighting Kenya but losing squarely!

Kenya is one country that has really helped the people of Somalia

Sure and we need more equipment we will be the best in Africa and top 20 in the world

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60 Singapore

Pakistan the best than these all

Best army in South-East Asia and one of the best armies in the Asia-Pacific.

It is the best army in Asia after china... Any idiot knows that

May the idiot who commented pakistan on all the candidates please kindly balik kampong and makan babi? - Golder

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