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81 Bolivia Bolivia
82 Republic of Srpska
83 Montenegro Montenegro
84 Yemen Yemen Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab country in Western Asia, occupying the southwestern to the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

Its aviouse Yemen has the most experienced soldiers

85 Austria

The Austrian Army is simply the best!

Gorkhali army is the best

The Austrian Bundesheer is the best! We hosted two world wars and won both.

Have you ever thoughtabout this? I bet not, and that's what it makes so dangerous!

86 Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico should be in the top ten their part of the us they are supported by the us. The us has camps. And bases in Puerto Rico

Not even counting its U.S. affiliation, hands down the best military since the Civil War.

Puerto Rico isn't even a nation. It belongs to the us. Sry to disappoint

87 Cuba

Has anybody, in recent memory(at least 200 years) seen a country of that size, with barely 11 million people and an economy that barely registers in the meter being able to wage war and win it, half a world away for the better part of 2 decades? Not to mention many other conflicts of varying sizes and intensity? A military held in such high esteem by one of the only two world superpowers at the time that, other than Russians, Cubans were the only ones that could operate the Russian armed forces military equipment and even the former soviet mariscals(their top ranked officers) were subordinate and had to take orders from a Cuban general. That's a country and a military that has always punched well above its own weight and more than held its own. That's a military I can trust and thus it takes my vote.

It is very good

88 Burundi

They manage to everpower the group of army were trying to move the president and they are among army who manage to go Somalia and central Africa republic

The usa is nothing to this country hahaahahaaha - Spiritualsavedboy

89 Bangladesh

Bangladesh Army I think would be 3rd position.

We may not be the most equiped army but, our land warfare doesn't require equipment and large numbers... We have the best tactical advantages over many strong army... Which makes us very strong in these conditions...

Our "East Bengal Regiment" is the 2nd best regiment all over the world after Gurkha Regiment of U.K. Indian Army as like as our women police.

Very courageous army force. They're invincible with proper equipments.

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90 Nepal

Once a major had said if a man says I have no fear of dying then he would be either lying or a gorkkha ( Nepali) army. Read the history of gorkhas bravery..

Nepal army is the best army in the world, Even India, singapre, britain import Nepalese armies. Nepal army are known as Brave Gorkhalies. When all the countries of world were under the britain rule, Nepal was alone itself fighting with british armies and won the fight.

Nepal army is the number 1 land army in the world

Gorkhas...Name says more than any thing else

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91 Philippines

Greatest guerilla and hunter in the world, Check history even U.S. army and marines have their visiting forces to train in this country. Still underrated, MaC Arthur choose elite filipino fighter than anyone in the world. I'm Italian working about war history.

World war 2 documentary films had shown that the Filipino soldiers are the bravest, sharpshooters, hand combat and arnis experts. The American veterans are living witnesses of a Filipino soldier. They are the most underrated army in the world. They are in Vietnam war, Korean war, and UN support group in Golan Heights now. They are veterans of moro wars, Spanish war, battle against the American forces in the early 1900's, Japanese forces, and lately they are well versed in jungle fighting as they continually battle with one of the world's terrorist linked with Al-Quada, the Abu-Sayaf terrorist group. They battle with MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) and the MILF (Moro International Liberation Front. Coffee talks and intelligence reports revealed that Filipino soldiers (mercenaries) were sent to Afghanistan to side with the Afghans to cause the ambush, defeat, of the USSR that led to its bankruptcy. The Russians were no match to the Afghans being backed by Filipino jungle ...more

With one aging hand gun, one filipino marksman can kill at least 12 approaching enemies in less than a minute. 1:12 times 40million people.

PS. There are at least tens of thousands of them living in every country. Laugh out loud

Somehow this is below all of the failed states - JustAnAccount

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92 Portugal

Portuguese navy special forces is one of the trained and armed forces on the plane. Portugal is small but the portuguese are all very brave

In first should be USA and in second Portugal Portugal helped Americans to find osama bin laden thanks to their navy

Portugal may don't heavy the newest weapons and equipment but we know use what we have. Only us know how good we are and only our soldiers know that we aren't weak as all think

Portugal and The Philippines in last? How?

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93 Burma

Ioday's Myanmar defense power are most powerful

Encountering foreign invaders and civil insurgets for six decades since 1948, the country's independence year, Myanmar (Burma) army has become an experienced force in Asia. It's army strength is about 400000 manpower and several aircraftes andMBTs. It had faced with a pretty great army of KuoMington Chinese Nationalists ( White Chinese) supported by CIA and Burmese communists supported by China, also fought with Karen seperatists. So Myanmar army is considered as the strongest in Southeast Asia followed by Vietnam. Who defeated USA in Vietnamese War.

94 Tonga

Tonga is the best superpower in the southern hemisphere.

Tonga are one of the best army's in the world

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95 Adeen
96 Scotland

The army that was sent round the world beating up other civilisations which resulted in the British Empire was made up of mainly Scots.

They are not afraid of anything or anyone

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