The Turkish Army dates back more than 2,000 years though the modern day military branches were founded in 1920. With a force of over 600,000 and a budget of close to $19 billion, it is solidly in the top ten military powers in the world. It ranks fourth on the list for tanks and armored vehicles with estimates of just over 11,000. With very few exceptions, military service is required of all male citizens after the age of twenty, contributing to the large force size.

Turks only fear from one thing it is Allah

Come on how can Turkey be no 12 we have a army fights terrorism every day in Eastern Turkey, its not just on paper as many other armies mentioned here. Our SAT commanders are some of the best in the world with all my respect to other armies.

Turkey is 2nd best country in the NATO, Second best country in Europe and strongest in Middle East, how come Turkey is 10th. Turkey should be in 6-4 catogories. Remember Turks are the bravest people on Earth.

When our country Turkey was attacked by many countries and stabbed in the back a group of people in Turkey when the attackers said they would give them land to make their own country. These people aren't exactly Turkish though but lived in our country. People from our own country! Even though all this happened and countries including Britian and Russia and even more. We still won the war. This proves our military strength. Also our weapons weren't good quality either Turkey didn't have much money at that time.

Turkish Army is the Best Because Turkish People born Soldier and they can give their life for their country without thinking a second and its Honour to go to army for Turkish people

Turks are battle hardened and have participated in every major armed international conflict of every decade. The Republic of Turkey has never lost a war ever since from its war of Independence witch was pure failure for the dozens on enemy countries. I KNOW every Muslim on this page will vote for Turkey because the Turks are recognized in the Quran as the blessed and Undefeatable protectors of the Islam. The Turkish Armies training is by far the best.

Especially after recent defense systems development by national programs, Turkish Army do not need to feed itself with weapons from outside. The army is getting powerful with the government national programs.

Turkish army is the second biggest army in NATO after USA.

I am a Pakistani and I love Turkey.

I am a Pakistani I support turkish because turkish help Pakistan in every bad time

Thousand of years back the turks used to live next to us but we the Chinese wack them till almost extinct and thy had to run towards the west where they are now to just survive. Strong? LOL..

Turkey is best than North Korea

Every turk is a soldier, either man, woman or child. You better not mess with Turkey, we are everywhere.

Turkey has one of the best Special Forces in the World that faced off the Delta force and others and has won them.

Turks are a warrior race and remain so.

Pakistan army is one of the best in the world. And I am proud to be Pakistani...

Biggest regional power with well trained soldiers and nato membership.

Everyone knows. Turkish army is the best

Turkey is stronger than pakistan...

I love turkish army because they are our muslim brothers

Come on people, Turkish armies have created 11 empires over 3 Continenets in the past and was the only army in the first world war to come out victorious that was not in the Allies,

Turks are strong and they are the son of the ottoman

Turks special forces been choosen the best since the special forces competition began. After other countries understood no1 else going to win it, the competition is ended by the organizing comitte. Remember guns can't win the war alone but soldiers can. Turks have both.

Long live Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom and USA