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Pakistan cleared area captured by Taliban in less than 24 months on the other hand US army is still battling taliban for more than 10 years

Its just patriotism that most people have who are voting on this list. I support USA because I live in it and let's face it, you all want to believe your army is unstoppable, but also I do think USA does deserve a top 3 spot simply because every war we've been in, we've been one of the biggest deciding factors.

The United States is reputed as the world's ONLY superpower. How could it be not number 1? When it comes to weaponry and armaments, no other country comes close to the US. It has more sophisticated fighter jets, battle tanks, warships, submarines, and so on, than any other country. It is the only nation equipped with over 10 aircraft carriers (more than all the carriers of other countries combined! ). Not to mention, as well, the US has a HUGE stockpile of nuclear weapons. But I guess what gives America the edge over other nations is that it is well-experienced in war. Over the course of its glorious history, since the years of Washington, the US has very well known the taste of both victory and defeat. China and Russia and scramble for second place, but the US is surely way ahead of them. Long live America! Land of the free and home of the BRAVE.

Pakistan is fist becaUse America may have the best equipment but as someone here commented you'll have gone from well equipped and well trained to well equipped and average soldier. Pakistan will always be the best

look at the weapons, training, experiance. It's a no brainer the best army ever.

Why the USA Army is the best?

Please note that a (INSERT:... ) is meant for humor, not serious.

1. ) Military budget. US's military budget is HUGE. It is the most in the world. Allowing the US to buy all the guns, ammo, armor, etc. It needs to do just about anything. Seriously, in comparison to the rest of the world, USA's military budget is bigger than the next 9 countries with the largest military budgets.

2. ) Better battle doctrine. Centuries of war involving different scenarios and WINNING them has given the US extensive knowledge on the art of shooting people. The US invented the SNIPER. So every country out there with snipers... Yeah took it from the US. We all know how important snipers are at providing support.

3. ) The US has superior technology. This comes from the big budget. The US has droves of high-tech Abrams tanks. Then droves of soldiers. Then droves of medical supplies for wounded. Then droves of hot-blooded teenagers that would probably ...more - chent2

America has the best army in the world, quickly followed up by Russia and China. USA has a population about 326 million, which makes it the third most populated country on the planet. It has over 1,137,916 active soldiers and over 578,900 in reserve. Not to mention that the United States has the most Nuclear weapons in the world, with 7,000, followed by Russia. America also has the highest GDP at a whopping 18.57 Trillion USD as of 2016. America spent more than 500,000 billion dollars on their defense budget. Also, America is apart of NATO. Every country in NATO will help the attacked country. Some countries include the UK, Canada, Germany, Poland, Italy, and France. The US also has allies out of NATO including Japan, Mexico, and South Korea. All of this shows that the US has the best military.

The USA army is statistically the military with the most strength in terms of power, and have the highest amount of nuclear missiles (if North Korea didn't have more).

Honestly, I have no idea why Pakistan is higher than the U.S in this list, in my opinion, not by fact, the army of this protected and secure country is the strongest is terms of military (again, maybe North Korea is stronger, but we don't have so much data). This is my opinion and not by fact

NOTE: The text in brackets about North Korea is not to imply that they are stronger, it is for the purpose that they MAY have more power, but since we don't have so much data from them, because they are secretive to the western world, we do not know their entire military prowess.

The US may not be serious when it comes to small countries. But when we are talking about more stronger powers, they mean business. When the Soviet fought Nazi Germany they lost so many soldiers. Russia mostly wins with numbers. The US took on some of the most powerful empires (with the help of some other countries). As an Indian, I feel India won't win in a war against the US.

The United States of America!
End of Story! - Nirmal1991USA

Pakistan Army Is The Best Army In The World

While I will agree that the United States has the best equipped, and the most influential Army, it is not the best. Not anymore anyways. We have moved away from the well trained fighting man, towards the well equipped average Soldier. While we do have in our posession a couple of very elite fighting units, our average Soldiers are average at best. Due to the ever popular trend of being poltically correct, and the emasculation of the American male, we no longer have the drive or will to fight like we should. If it were not for our insanely huge DOD budget, we would lose a ground war to any of the other top 5s. We essentially throw money at the enemy until we have won. However; this has also aided in our tremendous debt. The money will run out eventually, at that point we will need to depend on a highly trained, highly capable groundforce, that has the will to fight his enemy face to face. We currently do not have that in our inventory.

No doubt that U.S.A. is the best out there. But the countries we are invading now. We are not going to win those wars. My Grandfather, Uncle, And Dad said this "The invaders will never win". So even if we have the greatest army we might not win the wars that is going on now.

I am not American but USA has the most advanced weapons and isn't comparable with Pakistan. US also supports South Korea and still they have a lot of weapons and other things left. Whoever voted for Pakistan is high on curry. Look at their planes and tanks all rusted and not a single weapon is new at all.

Superior technology, ability to mobilize, naval superiority, air superiority, these lead to ground superiority. Ability to raise AND arm it's people (most of which already are armed) garners fighting ability, infrastructure- food, water, raw materials, and medical care. Over all a smarter soldier on the battlefield due to mass general education before the onset of any skirmish. No other country on earth can do what the USA can do in such vast quantities and within a given time frame. This is what wins war. As for any nay sayers? Read the real history of WWII, were it not for the USA, Europe would be speaking German, and the South Pacific, Japanese.

The United States Army is the most highly trained army in the world. Our citizens are not only the most courageous, but we have the intelligence to know what to do with that courage. Our air force is unrivaled, our navy is dominant, and, you know what? Navy Seals kick some tail. Run and hide, terrorists, run and hide. Oh and we are working on technology to make us invisible. Yeah. So everywhere else can just suck it.

Well, I gotta say when it comes to war we're pretty prepared, I mean we haven't been not at war for, like, forever. Not saying that it's a good thing but if it were to come to an army battle, I think we'd know what we were doing on the battlefield simply due to the amount of experience we have with that setting. - SearchingForSunsets

This website is a joke the United States army is a million times better than the pathetic Pakistan Army and that's an understatement. Again I repeat the United States its much better than the joke that is the Pakistan Army.United States has the best army by far, Pakistan has the 20th best army at best and that's an overstatement. Too many sandy terrorist don't understand that ignorant arrogant fools.

If for any reason the U. S isn't number one, then I must have missed something. We one both world wars, the civil war, the revolutionary war, The war of 1812, The list goes on and on. We have the best weapons, the best training, and greatest tactics. Try us.

USA has won almost every war they have been in. This proves they are very powerful. They have very strong armies too. USA has very powerful weapons including nuclear weapons. China and Russia together can't defeat the USA.

USA all the way! They have thousands of nuclear bombs and well over 30 allies. They our allied with Israel which they put the best missile defense system in the world which would help them intercept missiles. Along with an insane budget of 650+ billion dollars. Obviously that gives them the best budget in the world by far. They could destroy Pakistan and any other countrys like nothing.

Pakistan is not the top army and everyone knows it. To be honest this is the only website that ranks Pakistan as #1. Pakistan can't even fight the terrorist organisations in its nation. USA is the fastest developing nation in military technology. America has the most nuclear weapons and is still working on biological warfare.

Y'all Tell me who's puking everyone around. You can pretty much say. The U.S also trained Most of these top ten Countries like Israel, Iran or Pakistan. Every world war that happened the allies were getting killed by the axis powers until we stepped and turned the whole war around Britain wouldn't be a dozen other countries if we didn't come to there aid. And the thing about it is we did it in 250. Witch can knock out

United States army is on the right position because Pakistan army has won all the wars it has fought and it is the bravest because they are always ready to sacrifice their lives for their country

How the hell is Pakistan first? They may have more naval vessels than the US and England combined, but we still outnumber them and have better training and equipment.