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21 This Light Between Us

Overlooked, but in my opinion top 5 worthy for the breathtaking, dramatic, uplifting euphoria that you get from this trance/vocal combo!

Transports you to another world..

My first Armin Van Buuren's song that I heard

cool song

22 Burned With Desire

This song is simply beautiful. It will take you away in a different world.

A classic softer anthem for those traditional dance fans, this is a feeling song!

This is a timeless classic

Legendary song

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23 Brute
24 Sail

Really? This song is amazing and should at least be in the top 10. Reminds me of when trance was king!

25 Love Never Came

This I am surprised to find so low down. - PositronWildhawk

26 This World Is Watching Me
27 Coming Home

Amazing song. All I can say. - Chiefomatic

Good good very nice

Vote for it and do not ask... just vote...

This my song

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28 Sound of the Drums

That song touched deeply my heart that made me cry

Positively listen to this...Music is incredible...

Music is quite nice


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29 Alone

I've never listened to a song for a month straight without getting bored of it. But it has been 3 months that I downloaded this song and I have been listening to it since then and so far it is the best song I have ever downloaded (I download 10 songs every day)

This song is beyond good. Why is it at 24?

This Song is AMAZING and deserves to be at least in top 5.

It's such an amazing song! Needs to be on top of this list

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30 Shivers

On of my my all time favorite dance songs, it builds up strong and makes the dance floor blow up! Great vocals!

Classic tune. The breakdown is all-time. Surprised this isn't top 5.

31 D# Fat

An awesome track by AVB with W&W, it some great beats... Deserves top ten

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32 Blue Fear V 3 Comments
33 Sound of Goodbye
34 Won't Let You Go

This make me lose my mind

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35 4 Elements
36 Orbion

The changes of mood in this song is amazing... The "heart" sound was a great element in this song. Armin really knows how to change an concept from "this" to "that".

Best song by armin van buuren, the trance here is superb

Scrolled a lot for this than I should have! I miss this sound. The new stuff I don't like.

20?! It is one of the best!

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37 Belter

Armin Van Buuren isn't the greatest DJ in the world for no reason. His collaboration with Orjan Nilson and this song proves why he is Number 1! Trance will never die as long as Armin and tracks like this are around!

38 Ping Pong

The most amazing drop of your life

Most energetic track of all time!

Best techno ever

Asot this is the best avb song

39 Down to Love

This should be among top 3

40 Serenity

And this is not in the top 5 because... ? It's one of the most well-known trance hits ever

How is this #49? It should be in the top 10 at least

My favourite song from him

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