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41 Take a Moment Take a Moment
42 Unforgivable Unforgivable

One of my favorite. Top song

One of the best songs

43 Feels So Good Feels So Good

His best female collaboration, other than In and Out of Love. Nadia Ali's voice is mesmerizing and Armin took full advantage of it.

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44 Simple Things Simple Things
45 The Expedition (A State of Trance Anthem) The Expedition (A State of Trance Anthem)

Best song ever heard. Deserves a higher place

46 Together (In a State of Trance) Together (In a State of Trance) V 2 Comments
47 Heading Up High Heading Up High

Great combination of dance and rock.

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48 Virtual Friend Virtual Friend
49 Fine Without You Fine Without You

Are you serious? This should be number 1! It's even better than In and Out of love...

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50 Who's Afraid of 138 Who's Afraid of 138

Wow. What a song. It should be in the Top 3 Easy.
I don't know why its 37.

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51 Yet Another Day Yet Another Day

Agreed, great traditional trance feel to this song, what happened to this sound? Now every DJ is trying to sound effect us to death losing much of the vocal quality songs like this has!

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52 Reprise Reprise

This is a great song to end his latest album "Intense".
It is a bit different to some of his earlier stuff, but that's what you'd expect.

Surprised this is rated so low, this certainly is one of his best.

53 Embrace

Nice combination with classical Trumpet

Really good track! The trumpet music from eric vloeimans and the latet beats and music by avb is exceptional!

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54 Rush Hour Rush Hour
55 J'ai Envie de Toi J'ai Envie de Toi

The best trance out there. like seriously can't be compared with anything else except Tiesto - Adagio for strings. But this music, has it all. Gives me shivers. Just out of words to describe this pure old school trance.

I guess these unlucky people donot know about this impeccable track.
I bet you will not find anything better than this.

56 Rain Rain

Come on this song is iconic. Vote it up!

57 Don't Want to Fight Love Away Don't Want to Fight Love Away
58 Nehalennia Nehalennia

One of the best and smooth trance by Armin

59 Hystereo Hystereo

Love how the intensity builds up

60 Aisha Aisha

One of the best tracks in history

Should be top 3 in my opinion, doesn't deserve this low ranking

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