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61 Hystereo

Love how the intensity builds up

62 Aisha

One of the best tracks in history

Should be top 3 in my opinion, doesn't deserve this low ranking

63 Drowning (Avicii Remix)
64 Another You V 4 Comments
65 Eiforya

I am really sad when I saw this song out of the top ten but in the bottom of the list. This song was beautiful and euphoric

This is Armin's best... Why the hell is this not in the list

This didn't get enough votes, maybe because it's primarily Andrew Rayel's track :/

66 Colours

Nice song. Surprised no one mentioned it earlier.

V 1 Comment
67 Wall of Sound
68 From the Heart
69 The Fusion

This is by Omnia, not Armin

70 Status Excessu D

Amazing anthem, one of the first Gaia tracks. I think nobody knows this track (anymore), that's why it's been placed this low.. Commercial Armin with intense and this is what it feels like has more votes, but this is for sure a better track!

This is the prime example of an anthem

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71 Empire of Hearts
72 Stardust

Deserves to be above this is what it feels like but not on the top

73 Do Androids Dream Part 2 (Edit)

Great stuff, great for just chilling, super ambient

74 I Need You

Top music... excellent lyrics - Sharun

Best hit if the summer!

75 Never Say Never

Increidible song. I love it. It reminds me of the parties in summer

76 Walking On Air

His very best by far!

77 Free of War
78 Intricacy

This track is Armin's greatest and most unique piece of work. It has the kind of sound you can say Armin made it. Although hidden from the casual listeners ears and almost never played live, I see this as Armin's trance in its truest form. It sounds like ALL trance in it's truest form. It is not a love song, it seems to be titled simply based on the complexity of it's sound.

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79 Zocalo
80 Exhale

Personally one of my favorite Armin van Buuren songs. Really nice, classic trance with a grooving beat.

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