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1 Buster Baxter

Reminds me of myself (I love eating).

He's very funny, very positive, very imaginative and has a very good nature to him :) We'd all want Buster as a friend

2 DW

Back the hell of DW fans and let us DW haters hate her all we want. We don't have to apologize to her if we don't want, especially if she isn't real. In fact, I like Caillou, Home, and Dora more than her.

Even though DW annoys her brother she steals the show. If she would have not been on the show it would have been off the air by now. She is only 4 years old give her a break.

Okay, We know that D.W is a brat, But probably she is most cute, So, Stop with the carry on and say sorry to her when you hate her. Okay?

She is kind, funny, bratty, and her one stupid unpicked stuff from her mind, I love D.W better than Caillou, Dora, and Home.

3 Arthur Arthur Timothy Read is the titular protagonist of both the book series and the PBS children's television show Arthur, created by Marc Brown.

Put Arthur at number 1. He's the star.

Seriously, how can DW be higher than arthur?

Why is DW better? He should be number 1

Screw DW Arthur is the best

4 Binky Barnes

Good hearted character who has a few dimensions to him. Tough, strong-willed, relaxed, motivated, funny

Has some of the funniest lines and is a well rounded character

Hilarious character. Has so many funny lines

Number 1 or Number 2 behind Buster

5 The Brain

Totally underarrated, down to earth, clever and influential. My G

This kid is really smart

This guy is my intellect plus he’s way more athletic and people smart than me.

The smartest of all the characters
Plus he’s not a nerd he’s gifted there’s a large difference

6 Francine

I think Francine can be very overlooked. Sure she can be mean at times, but there are times where she is also kind and shows a softer side. And also she's very talented in sports

7 Mr Ratburn

The scene in the camping one where he tries to use the computer is hilarious.


8 Sue Ellen

She's so cute and observant! She's my favorite character of the whole show!

I love Sue Ellen she reminds me of me. Almost all her Ep. I can relate to she is awesome!

She's my favorite character. She's so sweet and jolly.

Sue Ellen is so cute.

9 Pal

Pal can actually talk but none else knows just animals and kate

10 Muffy

Muffy’s Mother Is Anne Hathaway haha got to ithere

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11 Dad

Hey, why is he on here twice? We have "Mr. Read" and then down here we have "Dad"

He and Brian look alike

12 George

He May be Underrated, But the things I can say about him is that he is creative, smart, and kind.

George is Cool. He needs more love

George Lundgren for the win

Georgie Time!

13 Mrs. Read

I hate her bc of revenge of the chip...poor d.w

14 Mr. Read

He is super funny

15 Muffy Crosswire

Probably she is best because of her fashion

Might be rude and stubborn but has heart

16 Kate
17 Fern Walters

Why is she only Number 20. She should at least be number 2

Mainly because I love floppy eared dogs.

18 Bionic Bunny

Saved Arthur from being made fun of even more in the first episodes

Superhero of the Show!

19 Marina
20 Grandma Thora
21 Ladonna Compson
22 Nadine Flumberghast

Fam why this girl not number 1

23 Molly MacDonald
24 Mrs. MacGrady
25 Bud Compson

He is so adorable

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