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1 April 9th

This episode probably has the strongest of everything for Arthur yet,this is better than all the other arthur episodes by a landslide.

Great, it has a greater plot and meaning. Has great laugh out loud moments too.

It has been 7 years since I saw Arthur. This is the only episode I remember.

It has such a great plot! It rings true!

2 Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival

How can you not love this episode? It includes some of the greatest songs to come out of the entire series, as well as a wide variety of characters. All around entertaining, fun and magnificent. I am 18 years old, just graduated from high school and I watch this on a regular basis.

"What's so great about being real? " - Our Beloved Buster Baxter.

I used to reenact this all the time as a kid!

This is a sad and happy episode at the same time. love it.

Can't disagree.So funny and I still love it to this day.

3 Arthur's First Sleepover

This was a hilarious episode! Alongside "The Ballad of Buster Baxter" (Another great episode) this episode could've EASILY failed to be a bad episode. For example, D.W. wants to go out with them to try and scare Arthur and his friends, they scare her back. She tries to get back at them but a UFO (It has meaning in the episode, just watch it) D.W wants picture of it to get rich and famous but it was all a gag played by Arthur and his friends, which makes D.W. sad. But then they feel bad and invite her to join them. That was just BEAUTIFUL. Like I said, this episode had a tricky road to drive on. They just drove perfectly down that road. One of my all time favorites. Up there with "April 9th" and "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival." Well done Arthur writers, Well done.

Its funny and I've watched millions of time because of how good it is

I will love this show until the day I die.

I have the book.

4 D.W.'s Snow Mystery

D.W. complaing about her sowball made the show funnier. I may hate DW for being so annoying. But when ever she blames Arthur for something I can't help but laugh at it. This episode was great!

Great mystery and plot, but D.W. went instaDemon when blaming Arthur. Look at her eyebrows.

I LOVE this episode it's so funny DW says arthur stole her snow ball UHOH!

5 Arthur Makes a Movie

I love this one!

6 Elwood City Turns 100

It surprisingly catchy and fun songs. the humor is wonderful. Brain and Buster have a great conflict. Jacob Casasomething is hilarious. "Why did you make me so fat? "

It is the best season 7 episode it almost makes up for the abomination we all know as cast away

It shows us how we need to work together and trust others

7 D.W.'s Library Card

I really love this episode... It reminds me of when I first got my library card. I was so happy at that time. I find it sort of weird that you have to be able to write your full name though. It wasn't like that for me

DW:"My full name is Dora Winifred Read. I barely even say it, how am I supposed to spell it? "

Tommy Tibble:"Just be glad you aren't Aloysius Zimmerplotz! "

8 Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll

This special is my absolute favorite thing in the Arthur universe. It doesn't just feel like an extended episode like the two following specials do. This feels like a T.V. special and it’s great. The music is great. This special made me want to start a band. I tried to but starting a band is not easy. Also this special tricked me into thinking the Backstreet Boys were a rock band...they’re not. This is a great special that had a great imponderable me.

I absolutely love basically all Arthur episodes, but I think this one is my favorite

How is this just 11? Never mind this if it becomes outdated, because I know someday this'll be number one!

This involves the Backstreet Boys... what's not to love!

9 Locked In the Library

My only real complaint in the episode is when Miss Turner and their parent's find them in the lounge and says "I don't know this could've happened! " really Miss Turner you saw them as they walked in and even told them what time the Library closed and didn't even bother to check if they were still in the Library before closing.

This episode is a classic! It's what comes to mind when I remember my childhood with Arthur.

Such a nostalgic episode! Great plot and witty jokes/

Probably my favorite episode

10 Draw!

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11 Arthur's Knee

It is really great.
It taught us a lesson to.
Reminds me when I fell off my bike!

He cut his knee like the absolute aardvark waffle he is

Arthur gets himself in some trouble.

I love that episode it's so good!

12 Arthur's Big Hit

About the only highlight of this episode was Arthur punching D.W. which was totally deserved, and notice that it takes a few seconds before she actually started crying when he hit her knocking her down to the ground completely emotionless then after a few seconds she starts crying.

My personal favorite Arthur episode. And one of my favorite cartoon episodes to be honest.

Arthur hits D.W. bEST EPISODE EVER! Even better, Binky punches Arthur too! :D Hands down, a great episode.

13 The Ballad of Buster Baxter

Whoops. I said it was sad and happy for "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival" I was talking about this one. Poor Buster...

An all time great Arthur epsiode presented in two parts, featuring Art Garfunkel, represented by a singing moose.

This is the story of the face on the cake. His name is Buster Baxter...

Best episode ever

14 The Blizzard

Classic early arthur episode

15 Arthur's Perfect Christmas

I liked it when Arthur was riding Rory around the house like a horse

This makes me love life, please share if you agree. Arhur is bae. Muffy is so hot

Best xmas special all time. FACT.

16 Binky Rules

Lets all admit that that song is still stuck in all of our heads...

17 Buster Makes the Grade

I like that episode. It shows people how to study for tests and exams and why it is important. And my friend is planning to make a YouTube Poop called "Arthur learns about trigonometry" or "Arthur learns about SOHCAHTOA" I don't know which one it will be called. But the YouTube Poop will be based on this episode.

Really funny episode!

18 The Last Tough Customers
19 Bleep

The “Sailor Mouth” of Arthur episodes

20 The Chips Are Down

I like this episode. Not my fave though

This episode is about D.W. and Binky preparing for death all because they thought green potato chips were poisonous. Unusual for a children’s show but at the same time clever. “See ya Herb! ”

The cute d.w. did fun activities

The Green Potato Chip D.W. thinks is poisoned.

21 Happy Anniversary
22 D.W. the Copycat
23 Fifteen
24 Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm
25 Desk Wars

It's the domino affect how everyone reacts to the heat and one thing leads to the other and at the ends it's complete chaos that eventually gets resolved. Everyone s personality shines and everyone has an important part in the episode especially George.

This should definitely be higher.It had such a good plot and I still enjoy it!

This episode was so good...

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