Best Asian Dramas


The Top Ten

1 Dong-Yi
2 Love of the Condor heroes
3 Jumong
4 Queen Seon Deok
5 Jewel in the Palace
6 Meteor Garden
7 Boys Over Flower
8 Secret Garden
9 My Girl Friend is a Gumiho
10 Playful Kiss

The Contenders

11 Black and White
12 Inspiring Generations
13 This is My Love

Beautiful story. Coming of age. Redemption. Twists & turns. Roller coaster of emotions. Heartaches. Keeps you wanting more segment after segment.

14 The Hours of My Life

Multi-layered story with complex characters. Real as it gets. Heartbreaking and inspiring all at once. Lead actor is spot on. He deserves the highest honors and awards.

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