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1 Persib Bandung

Persib is not only club football but the blood and the flesh no only for sundanesse people.. But for the all Indonsian who likes PERSIB

" S1nyal WANI "

Persib not just a football team.. But persib as an icon of western Java.. Where people would prefer to watch the match from the moment persib go to school, going out, working as persib part of us, our identity Sundanese people.. Persib bravo!

This is not about football, this is not about team, but this is about unity too, this club make all people become one, and still best unprofesional team ever, with great history too.

Persib Best Club In Asian #Maung Bandung

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2 Esteghlal F.C.

I search a lot of different websites to finally figured it out that FC Esteghlal is the most honorable team in Asia!

Surely the best and most popular club in Asia.

Indeed is the best, with two stars in their logo which states the two champions in Asian Cup

Esteghlal is crown 👑 of Asia

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3 Kerala Blasters FC

Best Club In Asia In Terms of Average Attendances Over 50000+ - Jefin

That feel in and around the stadium is mind blowing.

India's most popular football club 'Kerala blasters'

Supr club

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4 Persepolis F.C.

Over 30,000,000 fans, This is really rare in Asia.

Greatest team in asia

Best team in the world

I love this team

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5 Al-Hilal FC

Al-Hilal is the highest club in Asia have cups.

Best team in Asia

That's champion

Alhilal won 6 afc trophies the most in asia.
The most wins and goals and games

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6 Johor Darul Ta'zim F.C.
7 Al-Ittihad
8 East Bengal

Has larger fan base in India and over 1 million Facebook followers

One of the emerging football club to be the best in Asia...

Red & Gold Fetches Gold...!

The Club with the biggest fan base in asia

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9 Mohun Bagan V 3 Comments
10 Sepahan Isfahan F.C.

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11 Bengaluru FC

It should be at No. 2

Bengaluru Football Club is an Indian professional football club based in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Bengaluru FC also have the best Indian footballer "Sunil chhetri"..


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12 Guangzhou Evergrande Guangzhou Evergrande Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club is a professional Chinese football club that participates in the Chinese Super League under the license of the Chinese Football Association. V 1 Comment
13 Sriwijaya F.C.

Its all about the pride of sriwijaya, the pride of sumatra and south east asia. We are wong plembang, wong kito galo, katek wong laen... Bravo sriwijaya football club

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14 Kelantan FA
15 PSIM Yogyakarta
16 Suwon Samsung Bluewings
17 Al-Ahli SC

Watch the team how they play, trust my they play like Fenerbarche/Galatasaraay

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18 Brunei DPMM FC
19 Al-Nassr FC
20 Persebaya Surabaya
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