Afgansyah Reza


Awesome singer from Indonesia who had much awards since 2008 until now.. Had much best fans who loved him so much..

"Nice Voice, handsome, awesome. Friendly, creative, multitalented, handsome actor. "

Best male singer in Indonesia with a million fans in the world. His handsome face to make the people do not blink and his voice makes people fascinated.

The singer with amazing voice, every song what he sing will be better than the original singer. And He is have two cute dimples

Very nice there Best Asian Pop Artist. And I really hope afgan to be winner! ;-)

Afgan is an awesome singer, so we must vote him! He has amazing voice, golden voice, handsome and anymore ;) Vote guys

A whole package male singer from Indonesia :D golden voice and also has many Awards!

His golden personality.. And his soulful voice makes him a perfect combination

Complete package... Handsome, humble, and of course his golden voice is so amazing...

Good voice, handsome, always awesome, so you must vote AFGAN! He Have 24 awards, VOTE VOTE VOTE!

An Indonesian singer with amazing talents, especially his golden voice. Best Asian Pop Artist, he deserve it

Handsome singer
Golden voice
The best singer from Indonesia

Awesome Performer from Indonesia, Multitalented

Awesome singer from Indonesia
Handsome, humble and cool
Have a golden voice
So proud to him

Wow, afgan is handsome singer in Indonesia :*
multitalented singer too :)

Afgan is cool! Singer, voice, have a great personality! Awesome

He is one of my favorite singer, very multitalented, smart, and, very humble...

I think he has a wonderful voice, and him so handsome too :)
i hope Afgansyah Reza can win.

One of the great Indonesian young male singer ever!

Handsome Singer..
The Best Male Singer From Indonesia

A whole package singer from Indonesia ;) He has a golden voice, handsome, many achievments, and also a good personality...

The best singer from Indonesia
he's handsome, multitalented, limited edition :)))

Best male singer that I know, he has gold voice :) I'm one of his fans AFGANISME

Famous sweet-dimpled-male pop singer with an awfully high credibility ♥

Afgan syahreza is the best singer. He has awosome and golden voice. Came on, vote for afgan syahreza!