Ashilla Zahrantiara


Ashilla Zahrantiara. She's like the best idol ever for me. Her kindness, laugh, friendly, strong, and her absurdness are what makes shivers love her. I Love You, Shilla. We are proud of you! :) -Proud Shivers-

She's very humble :) an artist who never try to be someone else. Shilla is Shilla :) she always act just the way she is.. Labile and sometimes she becomes very random. But that's why we love her. She inspiring so many people. Talented, has a very beautiful voice, pop, jazz or even dangdut. She can play guitar and piano well :)

Shilla is my moodboster and she's my inspiration

Shilla you are so awesome, you is perfect singer and a great singer of the world

A multi-talented musician and singer. A gifted dancer. A girl who never gives up on her problem and willing to try even though she knew the risks that she will face later on. She inspired lots of her fans and had several times break through the trending topic worldwide.

Ashilla Zahrantiara is a singer, artist, and many more. She is multi talented. She is the best among the best. I like her cause he's a very good figure and is not arrogant.

- She is my inspiration
- she is my moodboster
- she is beautiful and awesome
- she is trendsetter
I love you mbash

Good teenage singer in Indonesia. Always minded adults in the problem. Have a good ability in singing and dancing.

She's my inspiration. She's BIG fan of Justin Bieber. She loves to reply mentions from her fans, and she'll never forget shivers. Follow her @ZeeAshilla if you want to know her more! Xoxo

Ashilla is a great and talented singer, she has a very distinctive voice, she's good at playing guitar, especially her white guitar. Everyone loved her and she was very friendly with her fans. SHIVERS ALWAYS LOVE YOU

Shilla is the best idol ever! She's always make us happy even though she wasn't. She loves her fans so much and make us like her mates. Shivers love you, Ashilla Z!

Ashilla Zahrantiara not just a name, but also an idol to be proud of because of her talent amazing voice. She was also an expert in her acting. She was also kind to all her fans. I'll promise to be her fans till the end!

Ashilla is the one young of singer artist who have best quality in music

Ashilla is my moodbooster she have a many talent, we trust she can go international

Well, I don't know her really well, but as I watched her interviews and stuffs, she seems to have good personality, and such a funny girl, I often laugh when I watch her acts on T.V.. She has also quite good voice and her pitch are well controlled in almost all her performances which gives her extra points compared to other singer. What a great idol!

Yeah.. Shilla is one of the good talent in Indonesian music, especially in Pop music. She is so natural, good song and friwndly with shivers(her fans), and Shivers always love and support shilla anytime and any where.. Good luck Shilla!

Ashilla Zee is more than an idol. She's unique, gorgeous, stunning, and so special. She's so friendly, she sometimes replying mentions from her fans. That's why I love Shilla and I'm proud to be Shivers. I LOVE YOU SHILLA!

Ashilla Zahrantiara, someone who have best talent, beautiful, smart, amazing, awesome, she is a good :)
I will always support her...
Shivers always love you shilla ♥
I wish you can be success

Ashilla Zee is a strong woman. Shivers always support you Shilla, no matter what happen later :')

The best artist.. Ashilla is my motivator :).. The best guitarist

I am really proud to be an Shilla Fevers as known as Shivers. Ashilla Zahrantiara is our inspiration. She's beautiful, unique, fuuny, kindly, friendly, lovely, talented, awesome and sometimes absurd. Multi-talent? Yeah she is! She can be an actress, singer, fashion model, guitarist, bassist, and also pianist. That's why Shivers love Ashilla Zahrantiara so bad!

Ashilla the best mood booster ever. She is amazing. So yeah I love Ashilla!

Shilla has a remarkable talent for example, especially in the field of music. I am proud and Shivers have an idol like him

I love when she sings while plays her white guitar. I love her hair too.

Ashilla is multitalent. Proud of you