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Jake Zyrus (born Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, formerly known by the mononym Charice), is a Filipino singer who rose to popularity through YouTube. He is a transgender man.


Charice is one of the best singers if not the best in the world today. She's so versatile she can sing any song whatever genre it is. Dubbed by Oprah Winfrey as the Most Talented Girl in the World, her first international studio album Charice in 2010 entered the Billboard 200 at number-eight, making Charice the first Asian singer in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 albums chart. Her single "Pyramid" which featured singer Iyaz, charted within the top 40 in a number of countries. She's also one of the cast of one of the most popular T.V. series in the world "Glee" as Sunshine Corazon. There's no doubt Charice is the best Asian pop artist.

Having been on Oprah 5 times, was performing with Celine Dion, Iyaz, working with Nick Jonas, Bruno Mars, performing on Ellen Degeneres show, the first Asian singer ever who has the debut album ranking top 8 Billboard 200 and her second album "infinity" ranking top 5 Oricon chart and #1 on Japan iTunes.
Being in Glee season 2
Wow she is the Asian pride
By the way, Paris Hilton is her big fan :O surprise!

By the way, Paris hilton is her big fan

She is definitely the one to beat in the industry right now. She is definitely in the zone. The way she connects to her audience is just so inspiring. More importantly, her vocals are immaculate... Heavenly outrageous. She is dope, she is hot, she has the swagger, and her stardom is just starting... Keep it up, Charice! You are the first Asian to enter the Billboard charts and you just make us very very proud every time you perform. God bless you!

Shes the best of the best..! She is the first Asian who made it to the US top ten billboard, she has proven so many things as far as singing and even acting in Hollywood movies... Her new album infinity has just been released in Asia and making it to the top already... And soon in the USA

Charice is just inspirational. To come out from all the life experiences she had before and be able to make the world as her own stage, sharing her gift of music and serving as role model to almost every one, is absolutely admirable. She is a symbol of pursuing one's dreams despite all the obstacles and heartaches. Well done Charice.

Very talented in her own right.. Has proven her versatility in almost all genre as evidenced in her debut CD, Charice, and her newly released CD, Infinity. She has captured the hearts of fans worldwide because of her amazing golden voice which has been compared to the likes of Celine Dione and Whitney Houston.. Her debut self titled album ranked Top 10 in the US Billboard 200 which made Charice as the first Asian artist to grace the the Top 10 US Billboard.. Her debut single Pyramid had reached number 1 in the US Dance Billboard.. She has toured major US cities and Asian countries along with David Foster and Friends. She did sold out solo tours in Japan and Manila which proved that she is indeed a superstar!

I believe this girl will become one of the greatest and most known singers in the history.

This girl has more talent in her finger then most of these people in the list.

Charice for the win, that girl is a gift from GOD.

Charice is natural without pretense. She is down to earth and has a lot of respect not only to herself but also to others. I love her because she don't use autotune or try to dress sexy to sell her music. She is what you call, what you see or what you hear is what you get! Real voice and beautiful personality!

CHARICE is the ONLY Asian pop artist, who really sings pop in Hollywood and got a pop hit song PYRAMID! Who else got a hit song fr Asia? Am talking individual singer not group-- it's ONLY Miss CHARICE! She deserves the title!

The first Asian to ranked number 8 in billboard chart. THE VERY FIRST ONE. Internationally acclaimed diva of her generation. And shes also in Hollywood she was included in heres come the boom with salma hayek. She also been a part of GLEE last season. And been touring the world with David foster. Wow and shes only 19. A superstar indeed.

The best is Charice. Her star continues to shine. Just being four years in the international scene and boy, she has already achieved so much! The possibilities for her are infinite.. Laser beam and limitless talent. Google her and have a first hand experience of what I mean!

This girl isn't dubbed by Miss Oprah Winfrey as THE MOST TALENTED GIRL IN THE WORLD for no reason at all. You guys has got to see her videos posted in YouTube performing in different stages, countries and Glee. Now that's what I call TALENT!... And she's only 19? She will be in the industry for a long time!

Charice is synonymous to excellent singing prowess. Her voice is like the Earth's gravity. Everyone who has fantastic taste with music will totally understand what I mean.

Very talented and best female vocalist! The talent that comes from within! Very natural and powerful! Simply the best of the best. The cream of the crop is CHARICE! FIRST AsiaN TO EVER RULE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY INTERNATIONAL and she's just getting started! Watch out world because she's not a joke, she is the REAL ONE! GO CHARICE. WE LOVE YOU ALL THE WAY!

Love CHARICE to the top baby!

Her voice is powerful, one in a million! Been watching her stardom ever since. Very versatile voice at her young age. I admire her so much... She is a perfectionist. Makes me smiles and every time she belts - goosebumps...

The most talented singer in the Philippines...
She is unstoppable, Unbeatable and full of passion...
She made her singing mark in ASIA AND U.S.A.

Charice haS an amazing voice.. I love her voice so much... I voted charice as a best Asian pop artist.. She's potential/ worthy to received the honor for her golden voice... Charice is gifted, humble, and kind.. Love her so much

Charice is the only singer who can give me goosebumps! Unlike some (maybe a lot) of other singers, she doesn't lip sync when she performs and yet still sounds great!

You already! I know you would make it to the top!
Charice is a sample of a NEW GENERATION TALENT!
A well-known artist, from PHILIPPINES comes to ASIA and now she's making a remarkable shows in USA. Thank you OPRAH, ELLEN and DAVID for allowing her talent to be showed up all over the worl.
From her golden voice, humble behavior. I remember when she started competing on national T.V. , she's awesome and good! I got goosebumps every time I watch her videos on youtube, I'm really passionate into singing, but singing doesn't want me.

Charice has a phenomenal voice.. So cute, down to earth, so humble ^^ so natural. In the history of music, Charice is the first Asian person to land in the top ten in the US Billboard.. Her new album "INFINITY" is at currently the best selling US cd in Japan.. Her first International album (Charice Pyramid) has now reach a Platinum Record... Way to go, Charice on your new album, INFINITY!

. . She deserves awards more than anyone else! She doesn't have to be trying hard to sing powerful vocals. . She need not to cover other songs now cause own her songs. . She has everything and deserves to win awards prior to her talent and kindness!

Charice has a powerful voice unlike any other Asian singers

Along with the accomplishements she did being the first Asian to be on the top ten of the us billboard charts to her duets with andrea bocelli, Celine Dion as well as being dubbed as worlds most talented kid by Oprah. Charice has broken the boundaries of the music industry to show the talents that Asia has to offer. All because of her talents and the blood swaet and tears she undertook to make it big even in an age of just five.

That is why I find her deserving to be THE BEST AsiaN POP ARTIST.

She's very humble singer, talented singer and She released the single "Pyramid" which featured singer Iyaz. It became her most successful single to-date, charting within the top 40 in a number of countries, and debuting on The Oprah Winfrey Show where she sang live vocals. Crossing over to acting on television, she joined the cast of T.V. series Glee as Sunshine Corazon. She has released a new lead single, "Before It Explodes", written by Bruno Mars, from her international sophomore studio album, Infinity.

I believe Charice does not only possess beautiful voice but also giftedness in versatility in that she can sing any genre of songs. She can also sing with anyone and carry any vocal part to harmonize. Take note also of the famous people she had an opportunity to sing with like Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Andrea Boccelli, Michael Bolton, and The Canadian Tenors. Charice's performance in singing is not just recognized in the Philippines as being from there, but she is also famous in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and the only Asian singer who made it into the mainstream in America that her first album garnered the top ten on the chart. Asians, be proud of her, she truly is remarkable!

I grew up idolizing superstar nora (guy) aunor of the Philippines, but since I've been here in America since 1979 I don't know any singers in the phils because I don't have filipino T.V. channels. it happened I received a forwarded email that was also sent to lots of contacts (viral emails) this girl singing so great and kinda jolly way of dancing in the starking Korea T.V. show life performance, the girl was named charice pempengco my first time to hear and saw, I was awed and merzmerized, I've watched that em-video of charice singing, many times in a day, and daily, then the next day I was watching ellen degeneres T.V. show and she was paging that girl charice and she wants her over her T.V. show and sit there w/ her and finally the next day or following day she said she contacted charice and will be there in her show, I was happy and really made that day and hour not to forget to watch it and yes, I was so elated in her performance, I was screaming alone in my living rm watching ...more