Each member of JYJ deserves to be on this list as a solo artist, but together they move from exceptional to sublime. Their voices compliment each other like no other group out there and their song writing skills will only improve. While many others on this list have left the direction of their careers to the command of their management companies, JYJ is creating their own path and forging a relationships not just with fans in Asia, but with the world.

You tried to realize your dream and bring joy to your fan. We never abandon you, we always have trust in you and your way you chose. Remember, we are still here to give our support to you! Love you so much

JYJ, collectively, and individually, epitomizes great talent and skill, warm and humble hearts, and unwavering loyalty and brotherhood. They stood up for fairness and took the bullet for the younger groups that will follow. May all who come behind you find you faithful.

They are so brave to fight for their freedom in their career path. They are not only an idol group, they are actually professional artist in all aspect. No matter they are having group activities or solo activites, three of them still can attract fans / the public's attention & recognition. They

JYJ is an excellent band, to overcome barriers to success today they struggled a lot, an effort, to train themselves they have supported the hallyu wave solid.

They ave the talent that not average people have. Each of them have their different voice character. They're not just an ordinary idol, they can sing, dancing acting, composing, song writing, directing, and many more.
"Always keep the faith"

JYJ is the best because they have the qualities of a good singer, composer, & actors. Above all they are good role model to the youth. They used their popularity in good cause in helping other organization through their fans.

Love they fighting spirit... Even being block in they own country because the freedom their seeking for, they still rise as 1 of the most sold album in the chart. Really talented group...

Jyj, fighting, we will always love you, you are the perfect men in my heart, through many difficulties, you get more attractive, so the number 1. You deserve.

JYJ is the best. They have talent (music, drama and other). Their voice are so sweet and charming. Their acting so good. I'm happy when see them in activity.

JYJ is so perfect!
They are different from other combinations, they used in the combination of Asia's best, they have the most fans and the highest popularity. But now they need to re-start, although there will be many difficulties. But I will always support them

JYJ... A group that have such a talent... They can acting, dance n absolutely sing perfectly :D... They can compose their own music... They always work hard till the end. They have good personality n of course they are really hansome

For me, I really love JYJ because three of them are so talent. Each member has their own excellent abilities. Moreover, JaeJoong is so handsome. Junsu is so cute. Yuchun is really good at English. I love their English songs cause I can sing along.

All three members of JYJ are multi-Talented, have strong determination to succeed, great camaraderie, professional work ethics. And are totally humble. I Love JYJ!

JYJ is the best group in Asia! JYJ can sing many amazing songs, they also can compose beautiful melody songs, they are real kpop group!

Hmm... I wish, I can vote TVXQ as five member but what can I do? I vote JYJ because I Love Jaejoong voice so much.

I have a lot of respect for JYJ. They are multitalented young man! I think they deserve to be known and successful all over the world!

JYJ have excellent singing skill, their concert actual singing and performance are so amazing. The JYJ should be top of the list.

They are not just can dance, but truly singer a great singer! Multitalented!

Have you heard a song of JYJ like Found U? You can be impressed by their talent. Follow me try one time. You can be a fan of them

There's no other group that can beat JYJ! Even TVXQ can't! Best of the best in on group! You'll never get bored!

2305I would simply love it if they performed here in the UK it would really be amazing! So do make it happen!

They express their pinions while they sing and it's beautiful. Their voices bring tears to my eyes.

JYJ there has three men. They from TVXQ. They ara very hard. So I hope they will be better and better.

JYJ is going to top of the world not only in Asia. Their singing & dancing ability is amazing!