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181 Jolin Tsai

T-pop superstar

Talents: She is known as an Asian pop diva as she can not only sing, but dance and do rhythmic gymnastics and also an English Lit major. Style and smarts!

Slay me Taiwanese queen.

182 By2
183 Li Yuchun
184 Yuna

Inspire song... Love your voice and song..

185 Children of Gaza
186 Norman Kamaru

He's the legend of the new Bollywood wave thatcame from Indonesia. He'

187 Trio Macan
188 Syahruni
189 C-ute

Very good dance group with strong vocals.

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190 Jupe
191 Ayu Ting Ting
192 Apandi Paura

He has a sound that is extraordinary, has a good personality, he's good at playing a musical instrument such as piano, keyboard, guitar, flute, and traditional musical instruments.

Start singing from age 3, his voice never changed until now, he has got unique voice

One of young Indonesian singer who has a beautiful and powerful voice. AWESOME

He is multitalented and he has an incredible voice

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193 Exile
194 UVERworld
195 HITZ
196 DiVA
197 Jang Keun-suk V 1 Comment
198 Mytha Lestari
199 Ferly Putra V 1 Comment
200 Tata Young
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