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41 Jessyca Stefani Auryn
42 Cakka Nuraga

Cakka is a good boy. He have a good talent. His face is so cute! And his voice is so good!

He is so Perfect, he just 14YO, but his followers more than 100.000, he never on T.V., but he always be my idol

Cakka is my motivation, my inspiration. So proud to be C~LUVers!
He is quite cool!
Cakka and CLs is like a kiss, Need Each Other, laugh out loud!

Most handsome, multitalent, cool, good boy and I very like he! :D C~LUVers always support you, Allah bless you cakka! You're best for the best

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43 Han Geng

Vote Han Geng. He is best asian pop a Singer &Dancing King and actor.

Chinese Mandopop singer and actor well known for his powerful dance skills. He is skillful in all China's 56 ethnic traditional dances, as well as ballet and hip-hop dance. He has been dubbed "Dancing King" and "King of Popularity" in China.

He is so good.

44 Putri Ayu Silaen

She has amazing voice and good vocal technique. I have seen hundreds her video in YouTube and I like it. She is very talented. Point plus for her, she is very young but have good attitude, smart, down to earth, and wise. She's so beautiful of course

I like your voice very much since your singing on IMB

She is 15yr of age.. And her voice like an angel voice.. Have a good talent.. I like it.. Fully peace and love..

She Was Go Asia in 14 years old

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45 Afgansyah Reza

Handsome Singer..
Nice Voice..
The Best Male Singer from Indonesia

Mulitalented singer. The next big think from Indonesia.

One of the best young male soloist in Indonesia. He has an unique voice character. His first album is 'Confession No. 1' (2008), the second is 'The One' (2010) and the third album is coming up released in 2012. Afgan also become brand ambassador for many products. He also acting as 'Alfa' on 'Cinta2Hati' (2010) movie. And has a great off air and on air show performances. And he really loves his fans called 'Afganisme'. Let's give your vote for Afgan! "If you can dream it, you can become it" - Afgansyah Reza


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46 L'Arc~en~Ciel L'Arc~en~Ciel L'Arc-en-Ciel is a Japanese rock band, founded in Osaka in 1991. With a reported 40 million records sold, they were the first Japanese act to headline at Madison Square Garden.

For those who still don't know this amazing band: they are gonna change your life, their style is an emblem of J-rock and they are the standard of Japan! Go and listen to their magic

Indeed their songs are so full of music that is impossible not to listen to them and praise them, besides falling in love with your work so expressive!

Good in Anime Soundtrack ex on gundam00

Good work for laruku

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47 Atsuko Maeda
48 Christy Saura Noela Unu
49 Anisa Rahma

Anisa chibi is beutifill girl dan multitalent, and beutiful voice

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50 Sivia Azizah

She has a voice so soft, especially with improvisation and falsetto on every song she sung.

Girl who was fifteen years old. Have a beautiful voice, good at improvisation. Beautiful and friendly. One of personnel of Blink Indonesia.

She's an amazing woman, always humble and not arrogant to her fans. And, the more extraordinary it has a golden voice angelic level. So, I will always support you, Via!

She is so beautiful, best voice, and multitallenty

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51 Mario Stevano Aditya Haling

RIO RISE love you :DD

Hei.. This guy... Ahaha.. I love this boy.. He has great voice, when I hear his voice, I just like whoaa so peacefully... My Mario can play guitar too.. Mario RiSE always Love you!

She is a good boy who has great voice. DARE TO BE RISE


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52 Anggun Cipta Sasmi

What? Anggun at 46? She's more amazing than Agnes Monica

Are ya Insane? Shes the first Asian Singer on Billboard!

No vote for her? Agnes monica was nothing compared by her


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53 Raisa
54 Miss A Miss A Miss A, stylized as miss A, is a South Korean-Chinese girl group based in South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010. Their group name stands for Miss Asia and the highest rank, A.The group consists of three members: Fei, Min, and Suzy.

I love their first single, bad girl good girl, its really excited voice, dance Korea

55 HKT48
56 Se7en

His dance ability is so powerful
His voice is really soulful
His songs are hip n heat
All songs on his usa album are great even though the album doesn't pop as well as it should

Se7en has a great voice.

I love. love. LOVE! Se7en!
His voice is so melodious and soulful! (not to mention how fine he is (*___-)
He is just the absolute best in my opinion!
Se7en hwaiting!

57 Beast

If I must say some reasons why love them, I can only to say that I love them with no reason. Because I still think loving our idols is a serious matter. We can't attribute all reasons to one or two things. So all the fans want to treasure they six beasts. As fans, we want to contain all their things. In one word, all of our fans will approve them forever! SO BEAST Fighting!

Beast can sing with the most emotion. They also have killer dance moves
B2st is the best! Fighting!

BEAST is the best!
love love love and love forever.
their voice so awesome "
that make me love them more Lo

Beast forever

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58 Kyla

The best Asian rnb singer. Incomparable. Nobody can beat the golden voice of KYLA. You must hear her sing so you would know what I'm talking about. Very natural. With a low note or even high note she can do it. She even sounded like Mariah in some of her songs. Truly one of a kind talent.

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59 Girls' Generation-TTS Girls' Generation-TTS
60 Arashi

One of the most best selling Japanese artiste, these 5 guys are no doubt the best. Even though their activities are mostly limited to Japanese fans, they are the most well loved boy band around the world. For the past 3 years, Arashi have broke the one million mark on their newly released album sales and having them plastered on the fuselage of Japan Airlines plane last year and this year too, Arashi is definitely an artiste that should be considered the best!

The group that uplifts my spirit when I'm down.. Their songs made their fans gloomy days into a beautiful one...
They are the group that compliments each others flaws making their group a beautiful one..
Not only talented in singing but also in other fields like acting, hosting, and theatrical..
Truly an inspiration to the young ones that everything can be achieved with hard work and perseverance..
Not also to forget their good looks!

One of the most LOVED boyband in Japanese history. Not just popular, but loved. Do you see the difference? Not to mention that their performance is excellent and they have Japanese historical record (music dvd sales top 1 through 5), their best contribution is that people who would have never thought that they would become fan of idol boyband become fan of them! They are loved from babies to grandma. Also they have fans all around the world even though their activities are mostly limited to Japan. It's funny to see them surprised in a good way like "why do they know us so well? " or like "our fans' Japanese is getting better and better! We really appreciate. " The more you know about them, the more you will like them! So addictive! I love arashi and arashi fans around the world.

I survive on air, water and Arashi

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