Yui is an inspiring figure. Came from a normal family with no father, she managed to pursue her dream and made her way in Japan and throughout the world. Not only possess angel-liked voice but also beautiful face and the most important, "an inspiring life".

YUI is beautiful singer, she has a wonderful song... easy listening and everyone can singing her song for long time... two thumbs for YUI.. I love her song very much, and I hope she can become an international singer... and come to Indonesian.. & LOVE YUI...

Number 1 Singer all of time!

thank you YUI-san, you have change my world...
thank you for your song, GLORIA!
that's always keep my spirit at the top

I love YUI, she's great! ganbatte YUI,

YUI most talented artist :D she is very cute, nice, beautiful, and has a great voice.. I love YUI, and I've very huge friends that love YUI.. we called us, YUI-Lovers.. Indonesia love YUI

Yui is the best female artis ever.. I love her song, her performance, her costume, everything, she have beautiful voice.. my favorite songs is goodbye days, feel my soul, my generation, your heaven, HELLO, CHERRY.. laugh out loud I thing I love them all

A very talented girl I've ever seen.

All of her songs are all so meaningful and AWESOME indeed.
Not just because of it, but also because she can makes people feels so calm and cheerfully when people see her sing.
Never acted so over-confident and always be so friendly with people when she do a Live Street.

YUI is pure talent. She can really sing, If you don't know her yet I recommend you watch her live performances, she can always pull of a great performance simply by her sweet, soft and amazing voice plus she play the guitar hardcore! For first timers I recommend you listen to Rolling Star and Summer Song. She has a lot of good songs for different genre or moods. YUI indeed is one of Asia's remarkable talent. She is the best!

Just wanna say... nobody knows Agnes Monica outside Indonesia xD
YUI is the queen.

She's a talented singer... I admire her..
Sing her song with soul... I like her song like, LIFE, PLEASE STAY WITH ME, TOKYO, TO MOTHER...

Really talented for her age, nice how her songs have been chosen for anime themes and endings. She plays guitar and piano really well.

I like song from YUI... her song make me happy and motivated by her song. never give up to life :) I'm teenager, I like all YUI's song

Natural and a simply girl with great talent while write and sing a song, I love You

YUI is the real musician... Her song are so nature, especially she's so kawaii..

All of YUI song is very Great... All of YUI song is beautiful.. Very sweet voice when I hear YUI sing a song... Very Cute when singing.. Always fresh song.. I hope YUI become the Best Asian Pop Artist.. I hope YUI become legend in the future.. I hope I can meet YUI in my life.. I always miss YUI song's... Ganbatte YUI san...

Though I am from Bangladesh and have a little knowledge of Japanese language. I love YUI's song AND now she is my favourite singer. ARIGATOU!

YUI is such an amazing artist! She creates music that suits all kinds of jpop lovers and most of all she is REAL. She sings just like her recordings in live performances. She has an amazing voice and she cares dearly about her fans! Make her #1!

She's probably the best singer-songwriter in Asia. She makes music that goes straight to the heart. She's simply beautiful, kind and humble. YUI doesn't need to wear cute clothes, wear tons of make up and act all idol-like, she is very simple, just give her the guitar and she's ready to perform. You can't find an artist like her nowadays.

YUI is the best singer I have ever seen
Cutest singer, best singer of all Asia
We proud to be your fans!
Great talented!

Her voice is so great. Sometimes can make you feel happy, sometimes can make you cry. She can play many instruments, but I like her when she play her guitar. All her song are great, especially "tomorrow's way"...10 thumbs for you

YUI is a great composer and singer. She's so pretty and her voice is so damn good..! Her face is natural and she's not a plagiarism. All of her songs are her made. YUI is the most perfect singer more than American singers..!

She has a beautiful voice... When you listen her voice you'll feel flying...
With her beautiful face you'll be addicted to her...

She's my role model and inspiration, back in 2004 and still is now. There's something magical about her songs that makes you want to listen to it again and again. And her self-written lyrics are always motivational. A humble and internationally underrated singer she is.
YUI, your songs never fail to put me right back on track whenever I'm feeling like a slump. Thank you for the past 8 inspiring and motivating years.

YUI is the best singer...
I really love her voice
I hope YUI come to Indonesia and Singing in Jakarta...
I will YUI in Jakarta

I love YUI! YUI is the best singer with her beautiful voice. Her songs are nice and sometimes made me cry. I have all of her songs and I guess that her songs are really amazing.