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21 The Black

Yes most people don't like the fact that Danny is out of the band, but hey things happen. I personally love Denis in the band, it seems like a new light has entered the band and their future seems better. I love this song, I love the band, and cannot wait to see them next week, and I will look forward to hearing this song. - Leah_stockman

I love the new song, to be honest I don't like the new Danny. He doesn't sound or look the same anymore so now I like Denis better, besides the black has a connection which we can all relate to...

One of the best songs I've heard of them. I'm shocked this is on 11th spot.

This song is amazing to be honest.. Yes I miss Danny.. But this song changed my mind about Denis. I love this song!

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22 White Line Fever

By far Danny's best clean vocals. It really suits his voices new style and in my opinion is one of Askings best songs.

Although not my favourite song (final episode forever) I reckon it's a pretty good song and should place higher.

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23 Right Now (Na Na Na) Right Now (Na Na Na)

I personally like this new vocalist.

One of my favourites! Fell in love with the band listening to this

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24 I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps a Cowboy King I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps a Cowboy King

The beginning is absolutely amazing and the part when he screams "load up your six-shot baby, put it to my head"!

The screamo and the growling in this song is better then any other!

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25 The Match The Match
26 Alerion Alerion

Its amazing, takes my breath away and really helps when I just want to ignore the world and listen to some amazing music! I love Asking Alexandria! Totally recommend it

This song does not get enough credit! It has an amazing breakdown and Is my favorite song next to "Another bottle down" which saddens me that it isn't on this list

This song is amazing! This is the first actual song I learned how to scream to! I love it, this should be at number one for sure.

Amazement is the only explanation

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27 Don't Pray for Me

Laugh out loud, best intro EVER! I love this song.

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28 I Won't Give In

It's a new song, without danny and I gotta say, denis did a good job!

This is better than any other song

Well... I never exepcted the first single after danny's departure would be this awesome.. Good job denis!

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29 Poison Poison

One of their best songs in my opinion

My AA's first and it's just amazing, one of my favorites. Love it so much :3

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30 Hey There Mr. Brooks Hey There Mr. Brooks

Great song and it features shawn from alesana and base off the movie Mr. Brooks and it needs yo be in the top ten.

Oh, the bullet's gone!
I take this blade, I slit your throat!
You fall into your grave!
I cover up my tracks, I'm done!
I won't kill again!
I said that's it, I'm done!
Best part! This song is great should be higher.

This iss the best song vote for it or Mr. Brooks will come for you! Ok but it super catchy and when they say "oh, the bullets gone I take this blade I slit your throat" its just eargasm ok

The position of this song is a disgrace to this list hardest aa song after final episode should be second awesome song

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31 Let It Sleep

I absolutely love this song *smiles*

32 Break Down the Walls Break Down the Walls

First AA song I heard really enjoyed it not to keen on their other stuff but this song should definitely be higher

Definitely not the first song I heard by asking alexandria but I love this song. I think it should be way higher.

33 Dedication Dedication
34 Here I Am Here I Am

Great song if you love hard rock but aren't a huge fan of metal.

I love this song it brings back memories of my teen yrs. The awesome vocals hooked me right away! This band kicks as, I'm impressed with every song they put out.. I'm a bit older than most of their fans but age is just a number, your omly as old as you feel Asking Alexandria's songs keep me young!

35 Undivided Undivided

I love the heaviness of the song so far my favorite in awhile

36 Gone Gone

This is a standout track on The Black. The piano and strings set the sad tone right away in the beginning, and when beautiful vocals start, it's hard not to cry. The song's lyrics seem like a suicide note, something that I can definitely relate to.

37 Creature

I love this, the lyrics are so truthful and I just love it every time danny says screaming screaming

38 Until the End Until the End
39 All You Got to Do
40 Believe Believe

Man this is insane this is awesome song man why the heck it isn't on top...

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