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41 Until the End
42 Bite Your Lip and Fake It
43 Hiatus
44 Hey There Mr. Brooks

Great song and it features shawn from alesana and base off the movie Mr. Brooks and it needs yo be in the top ten.

Oh, the bullet's gone!
I take this blade, I slit your throat!
You fall into your grave!
I cover up my tracks, I'm done!
I won't kill again!
I said that's it, I'm done!
Best part! This song is great should be higher.

This iss the best song vote for it or Mr. Brooks will come for you! Ok but it super catchy and when they say "oh, the bullets gone I take this blade I slit your throat" its just eargasm ok

The position of this song is a disgrace to this list hardest aa song after final episode should be second awesome song

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45 Sick and Tired

Someone please tell me how To find this song on YouTube because it's nowhere to be found my mind is blown

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46 The Road

The Road and Dead are actually better than Welcome and Sick And Tired, why are so low?

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47 Burn It to the Ground
48 Killing Me

Should be way higher

49 Bullets In a Music Box

Honestly this song is so amazing and I've listened to it on repeat for hours

50 Believe

Man this is insane this is awesome song man why the heck it isn't on top...

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51 Dead

Such a great song! I just can't believe that they did not release it as a normal track...

52 18 and Life

One of their best Songs. Amazing vocal and Handelns lyrics. Love Asking

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