Autistic Game Critic Episode #24 - Assassins Creed Games

bobbythebrony Hey everyone, Bobsicles is here with a new game review after a long hiatus. This time we will look at four of the Assassins Creed game. Assassins Creed has always been a favorite series of mine so I hope you enjoy this. If there's nothing else, here we go.

First we will look at the very first game. Assassins Creed is probably in my top two favorites of the entire series. Basically, you need to assassinate nine major targets in order to restore your rank. The missions are all similar. You do minor missions such as pickpocketing, Eavesdropping and Interrogation. There's also mini objectives such as saving civilians from guards and the iconic leaps of faith. Once all the objectives are complete, you assassinate the target and restore a rank and piece of equipment. I love this game and while many do not like it, I rate it a 10/10.

Assassins Creed 2 is the second in the series and my third favorite overall. It is the first game that features Ezio. It is an awesome game but not as good as my top two. The fighting controls could've been better but I can't find much flaws with this game. The reason why it's not higher is because I was unable to complete the game due to a puzzle towards the game's end. Because of this, the game gets a 9/10.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is, in my honest opinion, the best Assassins Creed game overall. There are absolutely no flaws with this game. I love the storyline, the controls are great and the overall presentation is superb. I also like the mini challenges such as tomb missions, burning Borgia towers, and opening stores. All in all, this brilliant game gets a 100/10.

The last game I'll review is Assassins Creed 3. As a Native American, I love the fact that the main character is a Native American assassin but honestly, this game could've been better. It took too long to get to the actual story, Connor has no personality and the idea of assassinating his friends and family is kinda offputting. Other than a few flaws, it is definitely not a bad game so it gets a 8.5/10 because I was unable to complete the game and because Desmond died.

Well that's it folks. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you've never played the games, give them a try. You won't be disappointed. I'll see you in the next blog. This is bobbythebrony saying Til I see you again, watch your step.

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LOL how did you not complete the puzzle and I agree with you on AC3 and AC Brotherhood - 2storm

I just never completed the puzzle - bobbythebrony

Just search a walk through of the puzzle. That's what I did. - Therandom

Good idea - bobbythebrony

Good post. Shoot, shoot the flying demon! - Skullkid755

Thank ja - bobbythebrony

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Bobsicles. JA! - FerrariDude64

Ja - bobbythebrony

Anyone know anything about downloading videos to your computer? Anyone? - bobbythebrony

What kind? - FerrariDude64

I wanna use Windows Movie Maker to make high quality YouTube videos. Top Ten Lists, reviews, TIHYDP, and maybe some lyric videos. But I can't get the required clips and music on my computer to use them. I don't know if I'm not doing something right or if it's my editing skills - bobbythebrony

Not me. Try recording with a web cam and then posting the video on YouTube.
If it doesn't work, Google or Bing it. - Skullkid755

I don't wanna use a webcam
A. I don't want people to know what I look like
B. My webcam is crap
C. I wanna do like Mr Enter and Buckley
D. You can't use webcams on lyric and TIHYP videos
E. My recorded voice already sounds bad enough - bobbythebrony

I just played the second game again and the combat controls are even more flawed than I remember. The counterattacking almost never works - bobbythebrony

I think I remember that happening to me a few times throughout the game. - Skullkid755

They might be, but they were a massive improvement over the first's. But brotherhood is when the combat really improved. - Therandom

Those begging women and guitar players are so annoying - bobbythebrony

I should've done Revelations too. It's a lot better than I used to think - bobbythebrony

You can do a seperate review of it. - Therandom